From the Bar – three DuClaw beers

beerThe beer reviews for this week are for a trio of chocolate flavored beers.

I’ve a taste for DuClaw Brewing Company’s beers. The three this week are:

Cocoa Fuego – This beer, being “chocolate fire”, is a bit of a disappointment. It called a stout but I find it has more the mouth feel of a porter. There is a bit of a chocolate note thank to the darker malts. The “fire” is very mild and only in the throat. I don’t detect any of the smokiness that chipotle peppers have. I’m glad to have tried it but wouldn’t bother getting it again.

Sweet Baby Jesus! – I really didn’t think I’d like this at all since I’m not too keen on peanut butter and chocolate together.   Happily for me, it doesn’t taste like a Reese’s Cup, but more like a liquid Mr. Goodbar chocolate peanut bar. Don’t ask me why but whole peanuts in chocolate are much better than peanut butter in chocolate.

Dirty Little Freak – Yes, DuClaw is notorious for their odd beer names. This is a brown ale, with its usual sweet toffee-ish taste plus coconut and just enough hops to cut the possible cloyingness. Very good and will be getting this again to satisfy my love of brown ales in the summer.

Now I do wish that they would buy rights to The Rocky Horror Picture Show for beer names.

Janet Weiss Beer

Time Warp Barleywine

Riff-Raff Rye

Magenta’s Red Ale

Hot Patootie habanero ale

Rocky Horror Blonde Ale

Sweet Transvestite Scotch ale

Etc, etc  🙂

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