What the Boss Likes – Captain America: The Winter Soldier and a few more beers

cap posterFirst off, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is great. I always am shy about seeing what amount to “second act” movies, where everything goes to hell to set up for the big win at the end. But this was good the whole way through, with enough little victories to keep things going. It was one of those movies that leave you exhausted from all of the action. I have no idea on how they make things look so real but the fight scenes and car chases are amazing! It also was *very* gratifying to see Black Widow come into her own as a fully realized character, and have no romantic nonsense with Cap.

Falcon was such a great addition with a perfect sensibility and personality to the character. The wing suit was well-done in the universe’s established technology.

Now, I’m champing at the bit to see more Agents of SHIELD to see the story advance.

Incidentally, I googled Captain America and atheist.  There were a few hits since Cap is established as a Christian, most likely mainstream Protestant considering his “all-American” origin.   There is also the usual Christian nonsense of trying to claim that everything is a metaphor for their religion and every hero simply must be a believer or a stand-in for Jesus (I saw this back in the 70s – 80s with Star Wars, which was rather silly).  This atheist loves Cap and has no problem with Cap being a Christian.  He’s a good guy regardless of his religion.  One wonders what such a man would make of hateful twits like the Westboro Baptist Church Christians and others like them.  They certainly are much more in the vein of Hate-Monger, one of Cap’s enemies.

Religion has figured in Marvel comics for a long time, from Spiderman offering up a prayer or three, to Kitty Pride and Magneto being Jewish (and that saving her life when Magneto was bent on the X-Men’s destruction) to where a wackjob Christian preacher decides that all mutants are evil and does his best to kill them all (God Loves, Man Kills graphic novel), to where Nightcrawler’s strong Christian faith saves him and others from Dracula and where Wolverine finds out that just making a cross with his claws doesn’t count for anything.

Now, onto the new beers.

Had a fellow from Deschutes giving samples of beer at the store this weekend. All were good, my favorite was probably the Black Butte.

Deschutes Brewery Black Butte Porter – very silky mouthfeel for a porter. I’d consider this almost a stout. The fellow giving the samples made sure us Pennsylvanians weren’t calling it “Black Butt” or “Black Butty”.

Deschutes Brewery Chainbreaker – Can definitely taste the Citra hops, in this hoppy Belgian-esque IPA.

Deschutes Brewery Red Chair – Lovely red color, but to me essentially an IPA with a bit more malt.

A couple of others that I picked up to fill out a six pack…

Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale –Hoppy and a little sweet. With a quite high ABV, 9.75%. Definitely a beer to get a quick buzz on, but as always, a little too sweet for me to drink more than one of.

Samuel Adams Porch Rocker – More of what I think a real shandy, beer and lemon soda, tastes like. I love Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy but it tastes more like an ale with a twist of lemon peel.

Drink well!  And watch Winter Soldier! 🙂

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