From the Kitchen – The Hungry Cat Tavern Cookbook

cat bird woodcut 2I thought I might put all of my husband’s and mines recipes together in one document.  We’ve fantasized for years about having a restaurant of our own so that’s where the title comes from.  Please no stealing it and trying to pass it off as your own.  There may be mistakes in it, though I’ve tried to eliminate them.  Let me know about them if you find something that looks squiffy.  It’s not perfect and just a vanity project for my own amusement.

It has food, drinks, and my tips/opinions at the back.

It’s available in a pdf (top) and docx (bottom).  If printed, it is a 44 page booklet, on folded 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

hungry cat tavern cookbook

hungry cat tavern cookbook

The image is a purchased clipart from




6 thoughts on “From the Kitchen – The Hungry Cat Tavern Cookbook

    1. I’ve never had it fail and I’ve probably made it at least a dozen times because my husband very much likes it. I’ve even frozen it, thawed it very gently and then whisked the hell out of it and it still works. That last may have been just beginner’s luck 🙂

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