Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – well, at least it shows that many theists are wrong again

this also applies to those who think "boys will just be boys"
this also applies to those who think “boys will just be boys”

I’ve been observing the current tussling in the atheosphere, about who has said what, and means what, who’s a feminist, who’s a sexist asshole, what women are, what men are. who’s a liberal, who’s a conservative, who simply can’t express themselves without screwing up,  etc etc.  It’s rather sad and annoying.   Yes, there are people I agree with and those who I don’t.  I can address that in another post, if anyone cares.

But, it has done something important.  It has shown that yet again many theists are wrong.  I get to hear on how atheism a religion, how that all atheists follow famous atheists as if they were saviors, that we all think the same, etc.

The above nonsense has shown that this is most certainly isn’t the case.  Why, we’re just as happy to follow the gourd or the shoe as any other human beings. We’re also just as likely to watch and shake our heads as antics commence.

Believing or not believing in a god certainly doesn’t make you a good or bad person.  It does give you a lot of excuses to act either way.

So, my theist subscribers, remember: don’t accuse atheists of being religious or believing in the same things.  We’ll just roll our eyes at your ignorance, and with some regret, point out just how much that isn’t the case.


2 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – well, at least it shows that many theists are wrong again

  1. We are much like the old adage about trying to herd cats. It might be an impossible chore to get us all to agree on everything, but we are still cats none the less. And we do cat stuff, such as not having any gods before us. Other than that particular trait we share a wide range of views.

    When someone comes along and screams that us cats have been herded into some sort of religion, or that we have some prophet to follow… BULLSHIT!

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