Seventh-Day Adventist pastor abandons belief in God, embraces reality

Rather than painting the same horse my own personal color, I thought my readers would like to see this blog post from Dr. Coyne over at Why Evolution is True, about a pastor’s experiment on being an atheist.

And I am pretty sure I said that this pastor was only doing it for the money and vanquishing atheism.  I was completely wrong.

Why Evolution Is True

Note: I’m informed by Grania that she wrote a very short post about this lapsed pastor on December 26, but her treatment, based on Hemant Mehta’s fund-raising for the guy, is considerably different from mine below, so I’m going to post this anyway.


A pastor losing his faith and leaving the church is not a new story, but publicizing it in a major, as National Public Radio (NPR) did yesterday with a lapsed Seventh-Day Adventist pastor, is. And there’s been more publicity with Dan Dennett and Linda LaScola’s “Clergy Project,” which provides an internet “halfway house” in which preachers who are either doubters or are leaving their church can communicate privately with one another. (I’ve previously written about LaScola’s and Dennett’s book, Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind.)

The NPR precis of its 4.5-minute program on pastor Ryan Bell is reproduced in its entirety below (you can listen to the…

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