Not So Polite Dinner Conversation: Where the “History” channel has a docudrama of the Book of Revelation

why look!  Jingoistic bullshit!
why look! Jingoistic bullshit!

Just stumbled upon this “Revelation: End of Days”  a docudrama format of the nonsense from Revelation from the “History Channel” which deserves the title as much as the Syfy Channel does.  It does seem to at least have better production quality than the Left Behind nonsense, but it doesn’t have the excellent porn star names for the main characters Rayford Steele and Buck Williams.  I’m recording this to watch later.  Stay tuned for the hilarity to follow.

I do watch a fair number of channels that the “History Channel” is affiliated with.  It doesn’t surprise me  much that this apparently didn’t get much ad time and shown on a Monday and Tuesday.  Indeed, such crap should be buried.



15 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation: Where the “History” channel has a docudrama of the Book of Revelation

  1. Not surprised that you feel that way. Biblical writings, especially the New Testament was done with a Midrashic form of writing. More often than not, there was a surface story with a hidden meaning that could only be translated by those who were trained in that discipline. In any event, the Book of Revelation is the most misunderstood book in the bible, even more so than Genesis).


    1. That is your claim, not the truth because even Christians don’t agree, and there is plenty of evidence that the bible claims never happened.

      Each believer decides that he/she knows what the bible “really” means, and some claim a midrashic form of writing and some claim literal truth. As soon as you can show me evidence that either, or any, side is accurate, I will consider it. If not, then I have no reason to believe any of you who cannot agree and still all call yourselves “Christians”.

      I will ask you, who seems to be a Christian, do you believe that the claims about Jesus Christ are to be taken as literally true? Why or why not? Do you believe Genesis to be literal or not? Do you think that Christians who disagree with you are wrong? And how can you support that with evidence? Do you believe Revelation to be a literal version of what is to come, a symbolic version and how can you support your claims?

      Thanks for the comments. I do look forward to your answers.


      1. German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said that the truth passes through three stages. Accordingly, the truth is the truth even if nobody agrees with it. Yes, it’s true that my “claims” are only my truth but then again nobody has proof certain. To clarify, I’m not a Christian; rather, I’m a researcher who has spent 50 years searching for the truth of the questions that you ask. I can only tell you want I think that I know and what you do with that information is entirely up to you. As for the Bible, it is primarily either allegorical or mythology, although there are some underlying historical events that may have given rise to the biblical stories (including Genesis). As for Revelation, it is not about the End of Days. If it was, the world have ended already as was predicted previously a number of times. Christian claims for the Bible are virtually without merit and Christianity is not even based on the teachings of Jesus but instead began as the Roman imperial theology. For example, the concept of the resurrection is pagan and is based on astrotheology and the ascension is mostly missing from the Bible. Further, what stories there are in the Bible about the ascension are riddled with inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Finally, the word “trinity” is not even in the Bible. I could go on but I think that you probably get my point.


      2. Yep, Schopenhauer may have said that about truth, but again, saying something doesn’t make it true. “”All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” That quote is always trotted out by people who really hope their baseless “truths” will make it through the stages and they rarely do.
        Researcher or not, your arguments are as poor as a Christian’s. They are the usual claims that no one but you, or them, can possibly understand what this god “really” meant, or what the authors “really” meant. I have seen plenty of people claim that something is “misunderstood” about religion or the bible, or some other holy claim, but they have no more evidence than anyone else what something must “truly” mean.

        People may not have absolute proof of the truth, but we have more than enough to function quite well and the scientific method does a lovely job at showing we are right. Any other claim is just solipsism dressed up in a pretty suit. I am quite sure that a white hot bar of iron will burn you, whether you “believe” in it or not.

        What I do with information like your claims is analyze them and find that your claims are nothing new and nothing true. I agree that the bible, and any supposedly holy texts are simply myths, with no more “truth” about them than any other human generated text. There are plenty of people who claim that the bible is primarily allegory or myth like you and they disagree with you on what parts are what. To assume allegory, assumes that there is some kind of hidden meaning, which there doesn’t appear to be any. Maybe there was but we have no idea; maybe the authors thought this nonsense was real.

        Revelation certainly seems to be about the “end of days”. It’s a claim that the end of this world is coming (circa early years CE), will happen and what will happen, though it seems that the author had too much ergot in his bread. It’s bizarre to see you claim that Christianity isn’t really based on the teachings of Jesus. That’s interesting. What *are* the teachings of Jesus if not the Bible? It seems that you are claiming some kind of secret knowledge, perhaps some kind of Gnosticism? It’s also interesting that you seem to be claiming that you know how the bible is “inaccuracies and inconsistencies” about what is a mythical event. Please do expand on what these problems are.

        You are quite correct that the idea of the trinity doesn’t seem to appear in the bible. I am guessing that you are some type of theist. Am I right? If so, will you tell me what kind?


    2. the Book of Revelation is the most misunderstood book in the bible

      Yes, that will typically happen when a mentally unstable man, a pen, some paper, mushrooms, and a cave are thrown together.


  2. Oh it seems there’s been an attempted infestation by a particularly nasty type of TrueChristian, the Christian Nation White Power type. His name is Rob and he must have crawled out of some internet hole like Stormfront.

    This type does a great job at showing that not all Christians are horrible people, but the ones that are, really nail it to the wall. If anyone has any desire to see a real live bit of hateful drivel, I’ll post it. If not, the poor thing can rest in ignominy.


      1. Well, here’s a taste. it all goes downhill from here (Hard to believe I know)

        “I agree with you! .as a True INTELLIGENT Christian. This is all based on Hagee pro-JEWish bullshit. I cant believe how many “believers” cant even read the very book they believe in. Israel was the SURNAME given to NEVER was and NEVER WILL BE a country or occupation! Christ called the jews the Children of the Devil! (John 8:44) (He even says they are not of Abraham!) Not one verse in that Book ever calls the jews Israel. So whether you believe the the scriptures are the word of God or not.. the Evangelical/Charismatic give us your money movement and “save Israel kill Muslims” crowd views arenot biblical and any 8 yr old that used deduction Sherlock Holmes style could figure out that the Book is not speaking if that country and the only people who could be the descendants by the promises and prophecies of Isiah is the WHITE EUROPEAN RACE and USA is the land promised of “cities without walls” and 13 colonies were the portions given to his 12 children(Joseph double portion between…..

        all from dear “Rob″

        rabid little twit, isn’t he? 🙂


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