Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Roe v. Wade

006-Men-Cant-Get-PregnantThis day is an anniversary of the date that women won the ability to control their own bodies here in the US when it comes to childbirth and abortion. This was the famous Roe vs. Wade decision.

Pleasantly enough, I have just read that the GOP majority in the US House of Representatives have failed to pass their draconian bill to attempt to retake control over women and treat them as second-class citizens who can’t make their own health care decisions.  Some of their own members, women for the most part it seems, were not willing to vote for something that would require women to report rape to the police to be permitted to have an abortion.   In an aside, lots of these Republicans in congress would like to entirely eliminate abortions for any reason, essentially forcing girls and women to bear the children of their abusers and forcing girls and women to bear to term fetus that have no chance of survival for no reason.

I personally think abortion is a stupid means of birth control, when there are so many good methods out there (let’s hear it for IUDs!).  However, a puritan sense of morality keeps those hard to get for women, so abortions are what many are left with.

Many Christians claim that they are “pro-life”.  This is shown not to be the case when these same people are often horrified if they are expected to provide a decent life for that child.  These people are simply “pro-control”, needing to make everyone obey their religion and beliefs in a need for external validation.

If you are so interested in preventing abortions, support the availability of birth control and good thorough sex education, not some crap about celibacy which does not work.  I had to be my friends sex ed teacher when we were in high school because the class was taught by gym teachers who had no idea what they were doing, and who never talked about anything but the anatomy charts.  My mom was smart enough to talk to me and let me ask questions.  None of my friends got pregnant; a lot of other girls did.

And if you still want to pretend your religion has a position on abortion, read your bible.  Your god does a lot of killing and commands a lot of killing in there, women, children, and men and not one bit about how it’s important to keep eggs and semen.  If you think that this god will judge anyone who supports a women’s right to control her own body, then allow him.  Trying to murder them yourself certainly shows you have no respect for life at all or care what your bible says.

9 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Roe v. Wade

  1. Religion has no place for individual rights. It is all about society, community and well mostly, what god wants. Even children rights are trumped on. Was Isaac consulted whether he wanted to be used as a sacrificial lamb?


    1. great observation. and that story about Isaac has always been so weird. We get a supposedly omniscient god that needs to “test”, a idiot father who says “hey, no problem in killing my son” and then this god again “just kidding!”

      shows the harm of religion in a microcosm, the willingness of some humans to say anything is okay as long as they think their god says it’s okay.


      1. Then we have all the Children of Job, killed so that Yahweh could win a bet with Satan. Or who thought of the rights of the daughter of Jephthah?


  2. First off, my views on abortion:
    I think abortion is a must. I sway a little towards antinatalism. I think it’s immoral to bring a child to the world unless the parents have means to raise him – a stable relationship, steady income, etc. (The exact variables are a different debate). It’s better to die than to be born to a mother who got pregnant because of a rape.

    My issue with the picture you posted is that it implies men have nothing to do with the creaton of a fetus. It’s easier to say “He’s a man so he mansplains” but harder to confront the argument.

    I agree that since the fetus is first of all a part of the woman body, she has the right to terminate a pregnancy regardless of the man’s consent. Here’s a questioh, though: If a man wants to terminate the pregnancy because he doesn’t want the child, what do we do then?

    Do people think abortion is a form of birth control? From the little I know, it’s not really a pleasant experience. It’s not something people should count on. It’s a last resort, but not something as easily done as strapping on a condom.


    1. I agree with you with the antinatalism, and yes, the exact variables are indeed another debate.
      Men do indeed have plenty to do with creating a fetus, but again it’s not him that must carry it and put his life in danger. This is why I feel that it is the woman’s decision alone.

      Some people do indeed think it is a form of birth control, often because they cannot afford birth control and play the odds. I’ve heard some women think it’s easier on the body than the hormones of most birth control methods and lots of people fuss about the “feel” of a condom. That’s why I really like the IUD. You don’t have to remember to take it, it has very low hormones and there is no “feel” though you do get one big cramp when it goes in and when it comes out.


      1. What’s IUD?

        I don’t know ,much about how an abortion works, but the little I heard showed me it’s an unplesant experience that also harms the body in some ways. Sex ed should educate not relying on abortions, but that the option is always there in a worst-case scenario.


      2. An IUD is “intra-uterine device” a small piece of plastic or metal that is inserted in the uterus and prevents pregnancy either physically or with a very small amount of hormones in the plastic.

        An abortion doesn’t harm the body if done correctly. It’s no more harmful to the woman than a common procedure called a Dilation and Curreting that helps some women with menstrual problems.


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