Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Schadenfreude, tasty, tasty schadenfreude

Considering the name I’ve taken for this blog, it’s no surprise that I enjoy watching people suffer by their reaping the results of their willfully ignorant choices and claims. I like to watch people who insist that they are so pious that no one can question their actions fail in their claims of divine perfection and divine protection. I like to watch people who claim that their opinions are the objective will of the some magical omnipotent being tear their clothes and wail piteously when their opinions are thrown into the dung heap of history as nothing more than very human ignorance and hate. There is no shame in applauding when willful ignorance and hate fail.

This is why I am happy that the folks in Ireland stood up against the ignorance that has been fostered by religion, especially the Roman Catholic Church, for so many years. They have cast away the fear that religion has tried to shackle them with and embraced their fellow humans. I take pleasure in watching the excuses and complaints flow from those who would insist that anyone but them is less than human. They’ve failed again and I am happy for that.

This is why I am happy that secular law has been used to show the hypocrisy and harm that religion can do by the revelation that the hyperpious Duggar family is anything but good and honest. I am deeply unhappy that humans can be so harmed by religion, in this case all of the Duggar children, because they were told that they and only they were right and “right” means that women are less than human, and believers are above justice and responsibility. These actions and the constant problems that religion has with abuse of other shows that religion makes no one good and religions’ gods do nothing. If only religion was decent and humane, and no one had to be hurt and be an object lesson in how faith fails. That is not the case.

This is why I’m happy that the idea of “reality” TV shows that are no more than a reincarnation of freakshows are under fire. Everyone who watches such shows is complicit in rewarding such behavior.

I do not feel a sense of schadenfreude for those who are hurt through no fault of their own but for those who now are displayed as hypocrites, who caused harm to themselves by their own actions. I do condemn those theists who lend their voices, tacitly or vocally, to the belief that religion and their faith is some holy cow that can never be questioned.

The little good religion does can be also found in other sources.   Countering religion may not remove all of the harm in the world, but it can get rid of some of the most pernicious sources of it.

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Incidentally, both instances show that prayer is rather pointless. How many prayers do you think were offered up for God to change the vote or for the abuse to stop?

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    1. Funny on how quiet the bible beaters are when it comes to how screwed much of the patriotic Christian Texans are. Of course, it is no surprise that these twits who scream “Secession” are now begging for the feds to come in and give them money. Nothing like pure hypocrisy.


  1. That Picture isn’t Jesus and the symbol behind the head represents sun worship… but you all who are none believers have a worldview, that doesn’t contain absolute morality, so who am I to tell you what is true and what is false… after all you don’t believe killing and raping is evil, since your worldview (atheism) doesn’t contain absolute morality… and seeing that the bible is the only book that supports Absolute morality. Islam and other faiths morals are not all.. holy as is the scriptures.


    1. Oh we have a TrueChristian here who doesn’t think that anyone but him is worshipping the “right” god in the “right” way. Anti-Catholicism is always a good way to show how much Christians disagree, and to show that the claim that Christianity is a major world religion by numbers of believers is so much nonsense. So, JOC, show us how your version of Christianity is the only right one. Surely you can do the miracles promised in your “holy book” by your supposed savior since you are a self-proclaimed true follower of Jesus? I’d be happy to meet you at hospital of your choosing so you can demonstrate your ability to heal humans.

      You are right, I don’t believe in an absolute morality. That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in honesty, empathy, loyalty, honor, taking care of my fellow humans, etc. It’s a shame that a TrueChristian as yourself tries to make believe that no one but himself has morals. It’s quite a intentional attempt to tell false claims about me when you claim that you somehow know that I don’t believe killing and raping is evil. That is a lovely example of bearing false witness, JOC, and shows that you cherry pick your bible just like every other TrueChristian. Indeed, what does it say about a religion and its believers that depend on making false claims? I am quite happy that my morals are quite different and so much better than the morals taught in your bible. I have no problem in saying slavery is wrong, that killing people for not donating enough money is wrong, that killing for people for lying, for working on a “Sabbath” is wrong, for committing adultery is wrong, for not worshiping the “right” god is wrong, etc. I have no desire to keep the morals of a bunch of xenophobic Bronze/Iron age agrarians.

      You do show your ignorance when you claim that the Christian bible is the only book that supports “absolute morality”. The Qu’ran does so, the Torah does so, the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead indicates absolute morality and the punishments for not following it, the Japji hymn of the Sikhs does so, etc. Again you make false claims and show your bible to not be a source of absolute morality at all since you claim to follow the bible and you show that you don’t follow its commands to not lie at all. It may be that you’ve missed the part where your god supposedly says that one shouldn’t lie even if you think is for the benefit of this god (Romans 3).

      It’s quite easy to know what is true and false, one finds evidence. We have no evidence for your claims. There is nothing to show that any of the essential events of your “holy book” occurred. You may of course supply what you think is evidence of this.

      I do enjoy that you use the term Jedi, a believer in a force that has nothing to do with salvation or other Christian nonsense.

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      1. When I tell him using scriptures is useless, he quotes scriptures at me as a refutation. Is this man truly that big of a moron?


    2. Jedi, how do you know the correct picture of Jesus?
      And yes, we non believers have no absolute morals and we accept that. Do you as a goddite have one such absolute moral Just one


      1. husband just came up with this question and it is perfect for Jedi:

        ““If you don’t believe in slavery, where did that idea come from? It certainly wasn’t from the bible. If it wasn’t from there, morality is generated by humans.”


      2. There are no more witch hunts, in most of the world, but the text is still there in the bible giving direction to not suffer a witch to live. How does Jedi explain that?


      3. It’s not a matter of how I know which is the right picture… It’s what I know isn’t the right picture, and what certain symbolys represent. Typically Jesus is portrayed with a parted beared. But it is my belief that most are u aware that the typical image of Christ comes from a pagan idol, from Rome… Also the plainly sun disk behind the image, is derived from pagan sun worship… It comes mainly from Catholisim. How does Jesus Christ look like when He was on this earth… Biblically His outward appearance wasn’t an appearance that stand out, from Judeans. He was able to blend in… The are accounts in the Bible that depicts this. Though I will not go into that… I rather people who desire to seek the Righteousness of God by them self, find the true treasure.


      4. Yes, it does matter when you claim to know something is right but can’t demonstrate it, Jedi. You disagree with other Christians and none of you can show that you are right at all. What you claim certain symbols represent is just as ridiculous as what another theist claims they represent. It’s even funnier to observe this and know that Christians can’t even agree on what this Jesus looked like.

        And more anti-Catholic spewing. Shucks. The bible can’t quite decide if it wants Jesus to not stand out or to have thousands and thousands of people to recognize him. We have that Jesus gets away from a crowd that recognizes him by magic, and then we have thousands following him in the bread and fish incidents and being swarmed by people who want healing. Of course you “will not go into that” since your claims can be shown to be just one more contradiction in the bible.

        I am still waiting for your answers to the following questions:

        ” So, JOC, show us how your version of Christianity is the only right one. Surely you can do the miracles promised in your “holy book” by your supposed savior since you are a self-proclaimed true follower of Jesus? I’d be happy to meet you at hospital of your choosing so you can demonstrate your ability to heal humans”

        “Since you claim this nonsense[They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.], I do expect you to cease using anything invented by a non-Christian. If you don’t, how is it that a TrueChristian such as yourself will willingly use “abominable works”? What lovely excuse will you offer?”

        “Again, why is it that you willingly used the “abominable works” generated by people who don’t agree with you? I do wonder, how can you tell what you can use and what you can’t?”


  2. Psalm 14:1-7King James Version (KJV)

    14 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

    2 The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.

    3 They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

    4 Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the Lord.

    5 There were they in great fear: for God is in the generation of the righteous.

    6 Ye have shamed the counsel of the poor, because the Lord is his refuge.

    7 Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion! when the Lord bringeth back the captivity of his people, Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad


    1. So, you can cut and paste. Congratulations! It’s a shame that Christians have to make false claims like no unbeliever has ever done any good.
      Since you claim this nonsense, I do expect you to cease using anything invented by a non-Christian. If you don’t, how is it that a TrueChristian such as yourself will willingly use “abominable works”? What lovely excuse will you offer?


    2. Here’s a little thought: when people don’t think Grimms Fairy tales is a history book, quoting Grimms Fairy Tales referring to itself isn’t going to support your position in their eyes.


      1. May God have mercy on your soul.
        Psalm 14:1-7King James Version (KJV)

        14 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

        2 The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.

        3 They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.

        4 Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the Lord.

        5 There were they in great fear: for God is in the generation of the righteous.

        6 Ye have shamed the counsel of the poor, because the Lord is his refuge.

        7 Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion! when the Lord bringeth back the captivity of his people, Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad


      2. So, rather than actually answer questions, you make little threats, nothing more than a child saying “My imaginary friend will get you. Honest he will!” and then calling people names. Of course, you have no evidence for any of your claims. You can’t even show your god exists, much less that it has mercy. Indeed, other Christians are quite sure that this god doesn’t have mercy. I just chatted with a Christian who is sure that he and his religion are predestined to be the “elect” and everyone else is damned through no reason of their own. That idea totally invalidates your claims of mercy.

        I do love watching hypocrites like you “Jedi”. You lie and try to claim that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a “fool” and does “abominable works” but you partake of those works all of the time. You pick and choose what you follow from your bible. Again, why is it that you willingly used the “abominable works” generated by people who don’t agree with you? I do wonder, how can you tell what you can use and what you can’t?

        Of course, you’ve made false claims about how your bible is the only book that has absolute morality. A false claim made with knowledge otherwise is a lie. Now, let’s quote some Psalms about people who intentionally lie: Psalm 101 “7 He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight.

        8 I will early destroy all the wicked of the land; that I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the Lord.”

        Hmmm, where is this destruction, Jedi? Why is it that you chose to tell something false to me when it was so easy to show your claims to be wrong?

        So, JOC, show us how your version of Christianity is the only right one. Surely you can do the miracles promised in your “holy book” by your supposed savior since you are a self-proclaimed true follower of Jesus? I’d be happy to meet you at hospital of your choosing so you can demonstrate your ability to heal humans. Unsuprisingly, you just say “may god have mercy on your soul” rather than showing that you are indeed an actual Christian. One might think it is because you can’t.


      3. “The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it? 10″I, the LORD, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give to each man according to his ways, According to the results of his deed Jeremiah 17:9


      4. Matthew 13:15
        For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.’


      5. yep, and you still can’t actually answer questions put to you. Repeating nonsense makes it no more true. It just shows that you have nothing else.

        oh and that lovely quote does show that your god is anything but just or fair. If your poor god must intentionally damn people by its actions of preventing people from believing in it, there is no free choice to accept this god, and this god is little more than a bully. Let’s look at the full quote:

        “10 The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?”

        11 He replied, “Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. 12 Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. 13 This is why I speak to them in parables:
        “Though seeing, they do not see;though hearing, they do not hear or understand.

        14 In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah:“‘You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.15
        For this people’s heart has become calloused;they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes.Otherwise they might see with their eyes,
        hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.’”

        Of course, (not so) strangely enough JC doesn’t quite get the quote right which is really this ““‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding;be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’10 Make the heart of this people calloused;make their ears dull and close their eyes.Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts,and turn and be healed.”

        Certainly does a lovely job of showing that again Christians can’t quite agree on what its god wants.


      6. more of Jedi’s space wasting quotes. I gathered them here so he can’t take up so much space.

        Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life

        The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. 11″I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep

        like wise here is a thought, from the book of true wisdom: 26 He who trusts in himself is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe.

        nd constant friction between men of depraved mind and deprived of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. – See more at:


      7. Ah, more quotes, JOC? I guess it’s just too hard to actually answer questions, so you’ll just cut and paste meaningless nonsense. Considering that many atheists know their bible better than Christians, it’s rather pointless to do since we don’t believe in the nonsense the bible claims.

        It’s always great to see a TrueChristian quoting from the OT. It does such a good job of showing just how much Christians pick and choose from their bible. Proverbs 28 is a lovely collection of failed promises of your god, JOC. Funny how your god doesn’t actually benefit believers, they are just like the rest of us.

        Oh shucks, you put a link to another TrueChristian who can’t do any more than cherry pick quotes from the bible. How nice! Oh and this list is on “perversion” aka whatever poor JOC and the website owner don’t like. I do like these quotes. How about if we look at the quote from Matthew 17. We have the author so ignorant to think that seizures come from demons. We also have JC complaining about people who disbelieve him, but who has no problem in showing miracles to get belief from non-believers. Now, why doesn’t that still happen, JOC? Your god “once upon a time” did stuff and now doesn’t do a thing. Not one Christian can do what they are promised to be able to do. Evidently not one Christian has faith the size of a mustard seed. Or there is no god to respond to such faith since you all fail so dramatically.

        And that lst quote from 1 timothy 6, that’s always a great one. Of course, it’s Paul insisting that his version of Christainity is the only true one, just like you, JOC! Of course Paul couldn’t support that claim either. Paul also gives yet one more approval of slavery by him and his god. I wonder, JOC, are you for slavery? Do you think it’s okay that people own others? If you don’t, then where did you get that idea, JOC? The bible and god never said that it was wrong, so the idea is entirely human produced by humans more decent and humane than those who wrote your bible. Now, I suspect you’ll claim that Paul wasn’t talking about slavery but something else, like many other Christians, even Christians who you claim are wrong. Which would make one wonder, how do these supposedly god directed translators consistently use the term slave?


      8. 28Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme: 29But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation: 30Because they said, He hath an unclean spirit.


      9. Nice! More little threats and nothing to support that they are true. You are quite a wonderful sycophant, with not a thought of your own. Now, Jedi, either put up a post of your own creation or I shall just remove your posts and replace them with “Jedi repeats some bible verse” , because you are just vomiting up bible verses and showing just how useless they are. The whining about blaspheming the holy spirit is again one of those wonderful impotent promises that fails again and again. it’s also a lovely demonstration that the bible isn’t much support for a trinity concept, since it treats one part different from the others.




      11. Golly, JOC, I believe you because you use capital letters.

        Again, you have no evidence for your god, much less that it agrees with you and knows what is best for me. I’m sure you’ve been praying that your god force me to agree with you and alas, your prayers are just as ineffective as any other theist. You also have no evidence for your fantasy of a “devil”.

        Yep, even if I did believe in your nasty god, I would certainly deny a father the ownership of his child, if the father was as your god is presented in your bible. Your god is presented as nothing more than an abusive parent.

        Nope, I didn’t make myself. So?

        And how “near” is this kingdom of your god, JOC? Christians have been claiming this for 2000+ years. Every generation of Christians who insist that their and only their version is true make this claim and they all fail, dying having believed in a lie. All you have are threats and pitiful sadistic fantasies. I do like to read Revelation though; it shows how your god is ludicrous. My favorite part is when your god supposedly kills all of the people who don’t agree with him, and lets his supposed son rule on earth for an “aeon”. Then, this god intentionally releases this devil that his son supposedly imprisoned. Why? Because this god wants more people, people who love him, corrupted by his supposed arch-enemy and murdered by this god in one more big battle. Certainly does a lovely job of putting an exclamation point on the peculiar story of the bible.


      12. “Your god is presented as nothing more than an abusive parent”

        -1 John 4:8 Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.
        -Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

        How could you know a GOD… who you don’t know?


      13. Quote from a book that has been shown to be false isn’t helping your cause any, JOC.

        Again, your god can’t be shown to exist, much less be “love”. Indeed, your god fails the definition of love given by your very own bible. 1 Corinthians 13 has a decent definition of love, and god isn’t it. Your god is impatient, vicious, envious, boastful, and proud. It loves to show off its power, is easily angered, and most definitely keeps a record of wrongs, if one is to believe the bible. It works with evil, its supposed archenemy. It intentionally tells lies to deceive people, again if one is to believe your bible. It most certainly doesn’t always protect, does not trust and does not persevere, changing its mind repeatedly, again if one is to believe your bible.

        I can know a god quite well, if one is to accept that the bible is accurate. *Is* the bible accurate, JOC? You claim to know this god, but funny how other Christians make the same claim and disagree with you, JOC. Who can be believed? You or them? Or is it that all of you are wrong, for there is nothing to indicate that any of you are right?


      14. Please do keep up your little fantasies, JOC. Saying that your god is angry with anyone is rather ridiculous because you can’t even show it exists. Oooh, it’s thundering, Thor is angry with us!


      15. how about you show us how this god is “angry”, JOC? More claims of how this god is going to get us, like the failed promises of twits like Pat Robertson and other Christians if everyone doesn’t do as they say?


      16. When the Son of Man come.. in His glory and the Father glory and the glory of all the angels… Then all will see no matter what religion nor secular belief… All will see that the LORD GOD IS RAL, and that He loves those that followed Him despite persecution, despite hatred towards them.. those that stood for God. He will give everlasting blessing… they will have Life eternal. And be reconcile back onto their God. Who made all things before you.. besides evil. For evil is from the choice of disobedience of good. And GOD IS GOOD.


      17. Again, JOC, capitalization makes nothing true. And we’ve heard your claims before, for the last two thousand plus years in fact and still your god is a no-show. You have no evidence your god at all. I’ve been asking. Where is it,JOC?

        It’s no surprise that you try to claim persecution, the last refuge of a someone who has nothing more than false claims to tell. It’s rather pathetic since your whining devalues the real persecution going on in the world. Poor JOC, who lives in country that has thousands of media outlets that proclaim his religion, where there are pages of churches in every phone book. Of course, JOC, you apparently are one of those TrueChristians(tm) who are sure that any other Christians who disagree with his version of Christianity aren’t Christians at all, again with no evidence at all. You wish to claim persecution for the sole reason that you can’t force others to obey you and believe your baseless claims.

        Your god made evil, if one is to believe the bible. The bible is a curious set of stories about a god that is claimed to have allowed evil to exist, who brags that evil and good come from it, who makes wagers with evil and who intentionally allows evil to corrupt more people *after* this evil was supposed conquered and shut away. This shows that your claim that your “GOD IS GOOD” claim to be questionable at best. How can pure good do all of this, JOC? It’s rather like claiming a Sith Lord is a Jedi. It’s one more contradiction to be found in religion, just like all of the other ones.


      18. IF You don’t seek GOD WHILE HE CAN BE FOUND SOON. You will perish in hell fire… your belif system cant save you, from hell fire, your atheism cant save you from hell fire, you evolution theory cant save you from hell fire. The mark of the Beast is going to be enforced, that Sunday Law is the mark of the Beast. When that begins probation is close… your time is short live.. repent or perish in hell fire which is coming… your belief cannot save you because God is not an idea… HE IS THE LIVING AND TRUE GOD ALMIGHTY.


      19. More impotent threats and capital letters. How terribly not impressive. Again, when is this going to occur? What does “soon” mean? I’ve heard the same desperate lies from other TrueChristians(tm), drubbing themselves in their little violent fantasies.

        Oh, and what is the “mark of the Beast” going to be this time? Claims of UPC symbols, social security numbers, rfid tags, etc have been hilariously wrong.


      20. Repent or perish in Hell fire which is coming. Your belief system cant save you.. your verbal machinations cant save you .. you could attack all the followers of the one true GOD all you want… that isn’t going to save you from hell fire coming.


      21. Sure, JOC. You make the same tired claims like every other “followers of the one true GOD”. Each theist wants to pretend that their nonsense is what this god “really” meant, and of course you all fail. hell fire isn’t coming and you aren’t the special snowflake you hope you are.


      22. As they had their pasture, they became satisfied, And being satisfied, their heart became proud; Therefore they forgot Me. 7So I will be like a lion to them; Like a leopard I will lie in wait by the wayside. 8I will encounter them like a bear robbed of her cubs, And I will tear open their chests; There I will also devour them like a lioness, As a wild beast would tear them.


      23. Hey, it’s Jedi of Christ again, evidently trying to lie about his identity. Such a classic TrueChristian(tm) act. And he’s chosen to claim he is “beloved of God”, as if he was Solomon. A shame that he doesn’t have that mythical wisdom. that’s a great story too. We have your god murdering David’s son for a supposed action by David, then as soon as his son is dead, he has sex with Bathsheba again(the same thing that caused this god to murder a child) and has another son, that this god now has no problems with. (2 Samuel 12)

        so, you use a threat in your supposed holy book that was entirely about a magic god that was angry with a mythical version of a country to threaten who? Since there is no evidence for an “exodus”, there’s no reason to believe in a god that mentions it either. It’s also great to see a god fuss so much about not knowing what went on when this god is supposed omnipotent and should have seen this coming. (Hosea 13)

        And lovely threats against Samaritans, which still exist. Good to know your god has to murder children and “rip” women open. Thanks for quoting one of the more violent and ignorant parts of the Christian holy book.


      24. Sure, Jedi, I’ll believe someone who has tried to lie to me and who evidently has no more respect for his bible or his religion than I do.

        Still no evidence of your god or “savior” or any of the essential events claimed in your bible. Christians don’t agree on what the bible says or what their god supposed wants. Other theists can’t provide any more evidence than you can, so there is no reason to believe any claims of gods and magic.

        But any time you want to offer some evidence, I’ll be here waiting.


      25. Hmm… You rather believe a lie, than truth? Thier is much philosophical, and scientific observational evidence, to point to an intelligent designer… The best argument is the fine tuning of the world, of the stars and the logicality of life, which logically can only exist from a logical source… Random chance (string theory) and a mass of nothing cannot create the logical fine tuning of existence. To say thier is no evidence for thesim is rather oblivious on your part and makes me question your sincerity for finding truth. If you truly are a person after the 4 fundamental questions, why am I here? What is my purpose? Who am I? Where am I going? You won’t leave any stone unturned.

        Science though is not the truth, though it points to a Creator. Any honest scientist would tell you that. Here is an example DNA, we know it is information and that it is a language of it self, it is impossible for information and language to be in any place without logically knowing some one put it there.

        You know a human being writes this message because one thier is no other race on earth that does this, and because what I am sharing is understandable to you… But have you asked your self? How can I understand the words on this message the information it entails… You see the word apple and you know it is not nothing, there is information from the word. That word… Such can only come from a logical source.
        We need the language to read the information and the information to read the language. And such can only come from an intelligence

        Science can never prove GOD, but science truly if its procedure is honest points, to a Creator.

        The Bible has scientifical facts in it dating from over 3000 years. Mr Lister the inventor of listeren was under much mockery, my his pairs when he decided to follow what the Bible says about hygien… When he implemted it in his work ethics. But when the scoffers saw that Lister clinical death rates were significantly less than thier own the whole science community implemented his hygien procedures. The medical community literally dates before and after Lister.

        The founders of modern science, Kepla, Galileo, Newton and more were all theist, they focused on thier educational field because they knew the Universe was logical and their was a designer the GOD of the Bible.

        They are scientist that are Christian… The naturallitic philosophy which is the belief all atheist whole and thus thier religious beliefs in a none Creator but rather that nature is Supreme and made it self, is very unswaying knowing the basic law of cause and effect… Nature is not an intelligence so it can’t make intelligence. Nature is an effect from a cause and I believe you know, it is very much recognized that the Universe had a beginning.

        Now I hear people say GOD He is the god of the gaps, and I believe science has done great things to get rid of superstition in Greece zeus was the god of lightning… That is how the Greeks other than Socrates and I believe other Greek philosopher s that oppose the pagan worship of this days. Rationalize how those things happen… Of course now we know it had to do with electrons and protons etc. And that the wind has weight,which interestingly the Bible talks about over 3000. Years ago.

        The major difference between those god
        Of the gaps, and the Christian theistic GOD who is Infinite and eternal is that He made all things… Now the Bible has scientifically facts in it and Prophecy which wasn’t put in after, dead sea scroll is just one evidence how it wasn’t. The whole source of the Bible is GOD making contact with us, giving us these 4 fundamental questions. If. Some one bakes bread we can see that they did, but we cant know why they bake the bread unless they tell us. GOD is giving us that why, through His written word. GOD isn’t hiding Himself in fact He made Himself known… And to have a Bible in this time with all the cannonize scripture is amazing, because if people know just a little history of the Bible, they will know it wasn’t so easily accessible. And Prophecy speaks of this. The GOD of the Bible isn’t a created god of stone or wood, or imagination. He is Spirit and Eternal and Infinite and we know they must be an infinite they are finite beings and a created universe they must be an infinite or else nothing here could have existed to begin with. And logically thier can only be one Infinite.

        John Lennox, Ravi Zachrisas, Creation ministry International are excellent apologetic source for Christianity.

        I’ve heard of the athiest side of things, ultimalty… It’s not what a man thinks we should follow, it is what is true. I know GOD is real the Bible has been under much challenge and has come out victorious every time. I will bet my life on the Bible… It is the chief of all studies the difference between everladting life with the CREATOR of all things who is Infinite in wisdom, Holiness, and live in a world made new where thier is no more death and crying, sins. A world of peace and true love for one an other self sacrificing love, humility of heart… And kindness. I will die for that.

        The Bible is fundamentally different than all religions but at best superficially similar. People say if thier is a GOD why does He allow all this death and pain and evil? All I can say, is that at the center of the Bible is a cross… Where GOD Himself came into this world of darkness and took part in our suffering.
        Jesus Christ did exist many historians even outside the Bible have documented that. YouTube has a video on those historians.

        The only way to know the pass is my historical science which is by documented historical facts, by historians. And we have one trustworthy historian who gave us through His written Word that He made the earth and everything in it.

        That’s it for me, I won’t be messaging again.I know GOD is real but for you, if GOD is real… You know thier is no excuse for not seeking after His will and knowing what He wants of you and obeying what He wants… Because for you, If GOD is real then as Creator and Savior He has the right to commandments what He wants of His creations. I hope you don read this and end here… I hope you truly search for God, and If you do GOD promises you will find Him.


      26. No, there is not “much philosophical and scientific observation evidence” for your god or any god. I am amused that you default to intelligent designer and not your specific god, which would seem to indicate that you also know that your claims aren’t supportable that there is a Christian god and a magical messiah.

        The fact that you think that “fine tuning” is the best evidence for a designer does show how lacking the evidence is. Considering that the world is largely uninhabitable by humanity, not to mention the rest of the universe, there is no reason to think that humans are favored by any omnipotent magical being at all. I suppose we could draw the conclusion your god is incompetent for making such vast stretches of universe utterly inimical to humans.

        As many ignorant Christians do, you assume that science says that the universe is random. It is anything but (at least on the macroscale and perhaps on the quantum scale too); humans have figured out much of why and how the universe works and surprise, no god has yet been shown to exist or to be needed. This universe is not some Seussian construct where anything can happen. String theory is not “random chance” either. Ignorant theists have a habit of attacking things that they have no knowledge of at all, not even enough to make a cogent argument against those things. However, Jedi, you can show that I am wrong by discussing string theory and what it really is. Can you do so or are you just one more ignorant Christian who can only retain his faith as long as he remains willfully ignorant about everything that shows his god doesn’t exist?

        Again, I’m waiting for your evidence for your god, Jedi. Not some vague “force”, but the god you worship. You, like so many modern Christians, want to claim a personal god that does miracles and is concerned personally about you, but when it comes down to it, you have no evidence for this god and you run to some vague “force” and insist it exists with the same lack of evidence for the bible god.

        I do want to find the truth and I don’t need a god to answer the questions about why I’m here, what is my purpose, who am I and where I am going. I’m here because of physics and chemistry, my purpose is what I choose it to be, I am a human being much more decent and humane than a god you’ve created in your image, and I am going to die eventually and return my constituent elements back to the universe. I don’t need a magic god to give meaning to my life, no more than I need Tezcatlipoca, Amaterasu or Darth Vader to give meaning to my life. Poor Jedi, you lie about me to make believe that only those who are seeking the truth with agree with you and your nonsense, just like so many other Christians who don’t even agree with you.

        I’ve turned over many stones and unsurprisingly, neither your god nor any god is under these rocks. I know your claims are lies so those stones are flipped over and kicked to the side. Still no evidence for any of the essential events in the bible. So much for your claims of “much philosophical and scientific observational evidence.”

        Science does not point to a “creator” but again, thanks for scuttling to a vague power and abandoning your god, Jedi. Thanks again for lying about how any “honest scientist” would agree with you. No, they would not, Jedi. Scientists have not found evidence for a “creator”, your vague force or your existential god with feet and jealousy. DNA is not evidence for either. It is not a language, it is a pattern of molecules that result in what we know as life. It is not impossible at all for patterns to be created from forces with no consciousness at all. Consider crystals, no little angels assembling them, just the regular laws of physics and chemistry.

        It always makes me laugh when someone like you claims that one has to have faith to be a Christian but runs around trying to find anything to support their failing faith, even if they have to lie about it. You do a lovely job in showing that Christianity is a failure.

        I know a human being writes this message. We’re a product of chemistry and physics and humans invented language because we evolved to be intelligent Now, if you claim a god wrote this message, you need to show the god. Can you, Jedi? Can you show that nothing else could have? Not another god, not just the laws of physics and chemistry that may simple be and have existed forever? I’m still waiting.

        You keep claiming a “logical source”. Show how your god is logical. And again, I’m indicating your god that you worship, not some vague force you’ve retreated to.

        Again, Jedi, nice to see you lie and try to claim that the only honest people are those who agree with you. That is such a wonderful fail. Science should be able to provide evidence for a god if a god exists, we should be able to find evidence for the essential events of the bible. Surprise! None found at all.

        No, the bible does not have scientific facts in it, no more than any other myth-filled “holy” book from any other culture. There is nothing in the bible about germ theory, so again you are lying. There is nothing that says wash your hands before and after touching a sick person or a wound. What it says (all sorts of idiocy in Leviticus) is that one has to kill an animal and sacrifice it to become “clean” again, which certainly doesn’t work for taking care of bacteria or viruses. The bible says that one is “unclean” if one ejaculates semen, and equates this with having a skin disease, which again shows that your supposedly “scientific” book has not one clue about what goes on with bacteria and viruses, superstitious nonsense insisting that time of day is what is important, not washing at all. We also have your bible saying don’t shit on the ground, not because it can spread disease, but because your god might step in it, a pretty funny idea for a supposedly omniscient being, a being that supposedly knows everything but can’t avoid a piece of poop on the ground. Then in the NT, we have JC saying that washing is meaningless in Mark 7, which again shows that your bible is not teaching anything scientific at all. What does it say about a Christian and the religion when he repeatedly depends on lies that can be exposed to keep his faith in his bible, Jedi?

        We also have your idiot god saying that one can cure leprosy with pigeon blood. Now, if this bible of yours is so scientific, why doesn’t that work at all, Jedi? Why do doctors use antibiotics rather than a dead bird? We have some actual effective medicines from ancient Chinese herbal medicine, but strangely enough the Israelites came up with nothing in medicine and indeed in no other science, despite supposedly having the “wisest man in the world” and a magical god.

        You are quite correct, Kepler (not Kepla, yet more evidence you have no idea what you are attacking), Galileo and Newton were theists, Christians in fact. They were various kinds of Christians and were attacked by their fellow Christians who were sure that they were wrong. Again, reality shows a TrueChristian™ like you to again be a liar when you try to present Christianity as the basis of science. Galileo was a Roman Catholic, Kepler was a Protestant and refused to become a Catholic and suffered for it. This is an excellent demonstration that Christianity can’t even agree and again, attacked anything it that didn’t agree with it, include sects of itself. Newton disagreed with the sects of both Kepler and Galileo and has his own version, that said the Trinity was nonsense, worshipping Jesus Christ was pure idolatry and had failed calculations of the end of the world. He also said that the universe was flawed and made this way by his god, which had to continually interfere because of the instabilities in the systems. This all of course was in a time where not being a Christian would get you murdered by Christians. So, Jedi, which of these gentlemen was a heretic and which was a TrueChristian™? They certainly don’t agree with your claims, so how can you call them Christian?

        You don’t seem to like the idea that physics and chemistry may have always existed and that the universe can come into being without your god. So, please do explain to us why the laws of physics can’t have existed always and how your god somehow can. As always, TrueChristians want to have special pleading accepted for their god but it never dawns on them that those same parameters can be placed on the laws of the universe that they are so afraid of. There is nothing that says non-intelligence can’t give rise to intelligence. You again try to make baseless claims to support your nonsense. Yep, the universe appears to have a beginning but there very well may be a universe that it came from, or it came from nothing, as modern physics seems to indicate. If things have to have causation, then again, from whence did your god come? If you want to claim its always been there, then there is no reason that some kind of universe has always been there.

        But let’s say intelligence is needed for intelligence. How does one define intelligence, especially perfect intelligence? Would such an intelligence screw up by making human bodies badly designed, for example placing the esophagus right beside the trachea so hundreds of people choke to death every year? Would an magic intelligence make it so humans can die from too much exposure to our main source of illumination? Would a magic intelligence make humans so that our spines aren’t the best for walking upright and millions of people are in agony from such poor design? Why would such a magic intelligence make worms that kill animals and people? Let me guess, you’ll blame the “fall” which then begs the question, why is your god such a petty little thing that it has to visit punishment for humans on all animals?

        I do thank you for mentioning lightning. Why is it that churches have lightning rods or surge protectors, Jedi? Seems that someone is depending on science and not trusting in some god, the same science that shows that the claims of the bible are wrong. Your god was also claimed to be a storm god, appearing in clouds and on mountains just like Zeus. Christians claimed that lightning was its wrath. Not surprising at all since Zeus and the Christian god were both invented by humans. Socrates was not an atheist, nor was he a Christian, so he certainly seems to have been a worshipper of the Greek pantheon, accepting the words of the Oracle of Delphi, which was a major center of the worship of the god Apollo. Socrates invokes Hera in Plato’s Apology (section 24 and onward). And in the Apology, Socrates is accused of worshipping “new spiritual beings”. Since this was circa 425 BCE, it certainly wasn’t the gods of the Jews or the Christians that were being referenced to here. Even Anaxagoras didn’t’ deny the gods but simply said that the sun and moon weren’t the gods themselves. You are of course welcome to cite these supposed “other” Greek philosophers that supposedly agree with you.

        The wind has weight? No, the wind has force, and amusingly enough, some bible interpreters have changed the words to reflect reality and not the ignorance of ancient agrarians who believed in demons and gods, abandoning what the bible says in its earliest versions. Air has weight, as we know from the gas experiments by people like Scheele and Priestly. The book of Job has some lovely claims to again show that the bible does not accurately represent the world. It says that lapis lazuli has gold in it. It doesn’t, that’s fool’s gold, aka pyrite, iron sulfide, something any metallurgist several thousand years ago would know. Of course, some versions say sapphires, which also don’t’ have gold dust in them. We have this god claiming to have “storehouses” of snow and hail, which is rather silly since those come from clouds where they are formed and then dropped. We also have this god claiming that it sets limits to where water can go, but shucks, tsunamis seem to ignore this god with abandon. And Job is one of the best places to see where ancient Israelites thought the earth was flat and that one could grasp its edges and is flat like clay beneath a seal. We also have that the “behemoth” is the first of this god’s works, which makes one wonder where humans fit in. And can’t forget the “leviathan” a fire-breathing dragon. Golly, of course, the bible is scientific. For real and honest, you know.

        Your god is indeed a god of the gaps since all of the nonsense of the bible has been shown to be false and all you have is a god that is getting vaguer and vaguer. There have been other gods just like your god, Jedi. Aten, the Great Spirit, etc. Your willful ignorance again does you no good. Sicne there are no scientific facts in the bible as demonstrated above, and your god is not unique in the claims about it, there is no major differences at all as you again falsely claim.

        Christians claim that the bible is their god making contact, but again no evidence of this at all, for the contact or that this god exists at all. There is no evidence that the prophecies claimed to be in the bible are prophecies at all. We have vague words that are claimed to “really mean” nonsense later. For instance, prophecies in the OT, are claimed to come true in the NT, but when one actually reads them, one sees that they are entirely taken out of context, mistranslated, etc. We also have not one that says clearly when and what will happen and Jews and Christians reinterpret them everytime the time and supposed occurrence fails to occur, to try to make them fit some other event and time.
        Since Christians can’t agree on who is telling them what, there is no reason to believe anyone has made any “bread” or that any Christian, or any theist, knows why it did so. You claim that your version is correct and have no evidence for this. Another Christian claims their version is correct, it disagrees with yours and again, no evidence to support it. Another theist claims that their version is correct and again, no evidence. No god, no evidence that any version is correct at all, and plenty of evidence that the claims of the religions never occurred and something else entirely did.

        Again, your claims of uniqueness for your religion fail, Jedi. You don’t believe in other religions for the same reasons I don’t believe in yours. Again, you try to lie about the integrity and history of the bible. There still is no agreement on what should “really” be in the bible. Christian sects have different bible, insist that different parts are literal and metaphor, showing that there is no reason to believe any of you.

        Nope, we do not know at all that there must be an “infinite” magical being aka your god that you are again trying to make vaguer and vaguer. There can be an infinity, but again that’s not your god at all is it, Jedi? And there can be more than one infinity, infinities are weird like that. Nice try with the ontological argument, but I can always imagine a god much better than yours, but that means having to dispose of the nonsense in the bible, including magic Jesus. Are you willing to do that, Jedi? Your god is such a petty little thing, with being jealous, being unable to do anything at all, promises unkept, and that thing at the end where your god has to release Satan again (Revelation 20-21). My god doesn’t have to do that at all, and no need to corrupt more faithful believers.

        Oh my, it’s great to see you mention Ravi Zacharias. Poor fellow, doesn’t even understand basic physics either; his claims about the laws of thermodynamics are just priceless in demonstrating pure willful ignorance. Your other ones are also Christians who present lies without any evidence, so no surprise that you do the same thing. I do love how the Christians at Answers in Genesis are sure that John Lennox is entirely wrong but again neither side has any evidence for its nonsense. Just which TrueChristian™ shall we believe?
        You also don’t know that your god is real or that the bible is accurate; you believe it, just like a child believes in Santa Claus. You have evidence for neither god nor accuracy, nothing more than what any theist has, and again, you disbelieve their claims that are exactly like yours. It is a sad lie when you claim that the bible has been challenged and has come out victorious everytime. No evidence for the two genesis stories, the flood, the exodus, the destruction of Tyre, the fabulous palaces and temples, the battles of hundreds of thousands of men, the darkening of the sun/major earthquake/walking dead of the cruxifiction story, any of the miracles, etc.

        It’s easy to say your bet your life when you have nothing to lose. You don’t follow your bible when it comes to its claims of how to cure disease, you use modern medicine just like me. You ignore the laws it claims are the only way to be accepted by your god, since it sure seems like heaven and earth are still right here. You are a hypocrite. Your bible condemns anyone who disagrees with it and calls for their eternal torture. That isn’t love, that is control. As usual, you are just like every other TrueChristian who desperately needs everyone to agree with them for if they don’t’, then they should be damned.

        No the bible is not fundamentally different. It has no evidence for its claims at all, just like the Qu’ran et al.

        Nice excuse for your god. If one is to believe the bible, this god didn’t’ come “into” this “world of darkness”, it created it with intent. Or isn’t your god the creator anymore and isn’t omniscient anymore? In your bible, we have a god who intentionally, or stupidly, allowed its archenemy in with two innocents, and then took a tantrum when they were deceived by a being almost as powerful as this god. Then we had this god vanish for a time and then get angry again when no one cared about it and took another tantrum and caused a flood that killed everyone except a drunkard and his family in a magical boat. Rather than make the supposedly “evil” humans just vanish, this god does pointless collateral damage. Then we get this god getting around to remember his “chosen” people were enslaved (no evidence of this at all) and freeing them and giving laws that he expected that they should be able to follow. His omniscience fails and then after thousands of years depending on this law, this god supposedly gets the idea that what it “really” needed to do is sacrifice itself to itself for a “fall” it could have prevented. Again, quite easy to postulate a far greater and perfect god than yours. So, all of the “suffering” was caused by this god in the first place, if one believes the bible, that is.

        You again rely on ignorance when you claim that “many historians” documented that Jesus Christ existed. That is not true in the least. At best, some historians postulate an itinerate rabbi that may have served as the nucleus for the Jesus legend. That isn’t your Jesus Christ at all, is it, Jedi? Your Jesus is the magical son of God and there is not one scrap of evidence for *that* at all. But as usual, show us these “many historians”. Funny how you just claim “youtue has a video on them” but you can’t actually cite it. Why is that, Jedi? Are you praying that someone believes you and doesn’t ask? Show us this video.

        We have no trustworthy “historian” in the form of your god since, again, the claims supposedly by it and about it are demonstrably false. Still waiting for evidence, Jedi. We have one book that even Christians can’t agree on what it means and what parts should be considered as literal and what should be considered as metaphor. If your basis for believing something is that an author said it was true, that means that the Qu’ran is true, the Hunt for Red October is true, the Illuminati Trilogy is true, Scientology is true.
        It matters little if you respond or not. I’m quite sure that you won’t actually support your baseless claims as usual. You are a typical coward, hoping that people believe you and won’t question your lies, but when asked for evidence, you run away.

        Nice attempt at Pascal’s Wager. Now, what will happen if you are wrong, my dear Jedi? If there are other gods,you’ve mightily pissed them off. If there is no god, you’ve wasted your life in fearing something that never existed. If your god exists as your bible and you define it, I happily would not seek its will because it is a vile creature. From your own words, you seem only to worship it because you are terrified of it, that might makes right is all you are concerned with. How sad that your god is no more than a pitiful dictator that gets cranky if it doesn’t get its way. My version of god is so much better than that. Again, tell us again what this god wants, Jedi, and we can see again just how Christians disagree on this over and over again.


      27. The Seven Heads. – The seven heads are explained to be, first, seven mountains, and then seven kings, or forms of government; for the expression in verse 10, “And there are seven kings,” should read, and these are seven kings. “Five are fallen,” says the angel, or passed away; “one is;” the sixth was then reigning; another was to come, and continue for a short space; and when the beast reappeared in its bloody and persecuting character, it was to be under the eighth form of government, which was to continue till the beast went into perdition. The seven forms of government that have existed in the Roman empire are usually enumerated as follows: (1) kingly; (2) consular; (3) decemvirate; (4) dictatorial; (5) triumvirate; (6) imperial; and (7) papal. Kings, consuls, decemvirs, dictators, and triumvirs had passed away in John’s day. He was living under the imperial form. Two more were to arise after his time. One was only to continue a short space, and hence is not usually reckoned among the heads; while the last, which is usually denominated the seventh, is in reality the eighth. The head which was to succeed the imperial, and continue a short space, could not be the papal; for that has continued longer than all the rest put together. We understand, therefore, that the papal head is the eighth, and that a head of short continuance intervened between the imperial and papal. In fulfilment of this, we read that after the imperial form had been abolished, there was a ruler who for about the space of sixty years governed Rome under the title of the “Exarch of Ravenna.” Thus we have the connecting link between the imperial and papal heads. The third phase of the beast that was, and is not, and yet is, is the Roman power under the rule of the papacy; and in this form it ascends out of the bottomless pit, or bases its power on pretensions which have no foundation but a mixture of Christian errors and pagan superstitions.

        “VERSE 12. And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. 13. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. 14. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings; and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.”

        The Ten Horns. – On this subject, see remarks on Daniel 7:7, where they are shown to represent the ten kingdoms that arose out of the Roman empire


      28. wow, more baseless claims. Funny how Christians constantly reinterpret this nonsense every generation, sure that this time *for sure* they have it right. I got to watch such nonsense on the “Late Great Planet Earth” by noted failure Hal Lindsey.

        Again no reason to think your delusions are any more true than all of those before you. Seventh Day Adventists are no more coherent than any one else. It’s great to see just as many bits of nonsense built up around her as any other supposed “holy” person, lovely evidence that there is no reason to believe that any of these myths are true. For more amusing nonsense:


      29. repent or perish don’t believe the lies and fallacies made up by men to lead you to hell fire


      30. repetition doesn’t make things true either. I do love how you want me to believe in the lies and fallacies of a woman who was so very concerned by penises and vaginas and who made claims that masturbation causes cancer. White’s ridiculous claims are a lovely example of how religion needs fear and ignorance.


      31. This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

        The only abusive person so far is you with your lies and made up idead about the GOD YOu nothing of for if you did.. the only thing you could say is I don’t follow GOD because I chose not lovingkindess nor mercy but death… until in your evil manner of living come to these words you don’t know GOD … repent for hell fire is near and is coming like a oven for the wicked and perverse people like your self and worse.


      32. And more inane quotes. Sorry, JOC, there is nothing to show that your god exists, much less that it loves anything. I don’t have to make up anything about your god being a quite nasty fictional character; that’s all in the bible. We have the god that either was too stupid to know that its archenemy was in its very own garden or intentionally worked with its supposed archenemy to cause mankind to “fall”. We have a god that took a hissy fit and murdered nearly every human (including children) and animal on earth with a magical flood. That is a pathetically hilarious amount of collateral damage. We have a god that intentionally murdered all of the first born, children and animals, in a country to show off how powerful it was. We have a god that murdered David’s son for something that David did. We have a god that blinds people in order to show off again in the NT. We have a god that murdered Sapphira and Ananias because they didn’t fess up enough money. We have a god that will supposedly imprison its archenemy, murder all of the people who don’t agree with it, and then intentionally release this archenemy to corrupt all of the believing, worshipping people that its “son” has ruled over for an aeon, just to have one more gory battle. All of this is in the bible, JOC. All of this shows that your god isn’t loving, or kind or merciful. I would never worship a god who does these things, nor would I consider a human who approves of such nonsense to be decent and humane. Your nonsense deserves no respect at all, JOC. All it deserves is ridicule.

        I don’t follow your god because it is as imaginary as the tooth fairy. You are a sadly typical TrueChristian because you repeatedly try to claim that everyone but you isn’t loving or kind. That’s just a lie you tell yourself in order to feel superior to everyone else. Your words do nothing more than show that TrueChristians must rely on lies and don’t actually follow their religion or their god, which repeatedly says that lying is a sin, even lies supposedly told “for” this religion and god. You show yourself to be a hypocrite.

        Always good to see more baseless threats, JOC. Please do stamp your feet and hope that your little sadistic revenge fantasy will come true. As I have said, wannabee prophets like you have made the same false claims again and again, and have failed again and again. When is “near”, JOC? A year? Ten year? Ten thousand? 10 million? As every TrueChristian, you can’t show that your god exists, that any of the essential events in the bible happened, and that any end times nonsense will ever happen. You’ll just keep making up excuses for your religion and telling lies about others. What a lovely example you are.


      33. You need Jesus because He existed historical documents prove so.. YouTube has some videos on it. Strange because comparing GOD to Santa or pokemon isn’t just shows the lack of understanding that is proliferant in the atheist community on GOD.. Because this GOD we speak about is real and not part of fan fiction. If it is that you want to just call all the gods fiction that will be a grace mistake, because the Christian GOD isn’t a godof the gaps like we see in Greece myhts, the Christian GOD is the CREATOR of all things the eternal source the Infinite one… Who created all things. This is a different calim than the gods of the gaps.


      34. No, Jedi, historical documents do not have evidence that JC existed. However, you are encouraged to show which ones these are. It seems you can’t since you try to make vague claims about what may or may not be out on youtube. How about giving links to these? Or are you afraid that if you actually give this information, you’ll be shown to be wrong again?

        Please explain why belief in Santa or fairies is different than believing in your god. This would be where you show your evidence for your god and evidence against santa and fairies and other gods.

        Your inability to write in comprehensible sentences makes figuring out what you mean difficult.

        What the heck does “Because this God we speak about is real and not part of fan fiction.” mean, Jedi?

        Still waiting for evidence for your claims, Jedi. All you’ve presented so far is threats, lies about others and baseless claims. Repeating a false claim doesn’t make it true.

        Plenty of other religions claim their god/gods created all things. Your ignorance about other religions is amusing as always.


      35. wow, a video based on a website that doesn’t seem to exist any more and where the author of the website can’t spell the word “divine” spelling it “devine”.

        Let’s see, we have the usual claims of Tacitus, Pliny the younger etc: Well, Tacitus gets details wrong , one of which is where he calls Pontius Pilate a procurator, rather than what the Pilate stone calls him, a prefect. Which makes one wonder why? Is it that Tacitus wasn’t an eyewitness and was relying on stories told to him, stories with no evidence to support them, more than a hundred years after the supposed events? We also have him mentioning Christians, which is as much proof of your god as the existence of the worshippers of Isis or Zeus is evidence for those gods existing. We still don’t have any evidence for your magical Jesus, we only have at best possible evidence for people who believed in a messiah, much like we have evidence that people did indeed believe in the Greek pantheon, the Aztec pantheon, etc.

        Pliny also mentions Christians, which is again evidence that people believed in Jesus like people believed in the other gods. Does that make those gods as real as yours, Jedi? It should, unless you slink around and demand special pleading.

        Lucian calls Christians a cult and that they worship a man. This is nearly 200 years after the supposed events, and again Lucian is working from what Christians claim, not evidence.

        Josephus mentions the brother of a Jesus, who was killed, but again, no mention of magic Jesus. We also have the known forgeries in Josephus, and the utter lack of Josephus mentioning the massacre of the innocents, a claim made in the bible about Herod and how strange his foremost detractor, Josephus, fails to mention this supposedly heinous event.

        Celsus mentions Christians and their myths, again no evidence for magical JC. He also mentions that some Jews claimed that JC’s dad was a roman centurion. So is this true too, or are you just picking and choosing, Jedi? Celsus says JC performed sorcery and he wasn’t the son of God, so is that true too?

        Suetonius mentions a Chrestus inciting the Jews, not a Christ or Jesus inciting Christians. Chrestus was a common name, and it’s rather like insisting that the words read and red, mean the same thing because they sound alike.

        Julius Africanus mentions that Thallus mentions a darkening of the sun. However, no one knows the date if this, and Christians don’t agree on when the crucifiction happened. Thallus says that there was an eclipse, which are predictable and the ancient Greeks and Romans could do this. Every date possible doesn’t agree with Christian claims of dates. Why is this, Jedi? Phelgon is also cited claiming a darkness and then goes to claim that during a full moon, there was an eclipse, a solar eclipse which can’t happen during a full moon. Why get such a thing so wrong when the ancients knew this?

        Mara Bar Serapion says, at a time period later which could be 100 years or 300 hundred later than the supposed events, that the Jews executed their “wise king”, but the bible contradicts this, Jedi. So which shall we believe? Did Serapion get another story from Christians who wanted to blame the Jews rather than the Romans? Serapion also gets other historical details wrong.
        Oh and the Talmud, which mentions a jewish sorcery who is going to be stoned to death but is actually killed by hanging, not a son of god killed by cruxifiction.

        One can see that the author of this video and the badly titled website seemed to be cribbing from another apologist, Josh McDowell. You can see this by the very well documented rebuttal of McDowell’s claims here: and the supposed bits of evidence here:

        So, Jedi, do you worship a sorcery using cult leader who was killed and stayed dead or a son of the Christian god who was resurrected? If it’s the latter, there’s no evidence for that one. But please do tell me which of the above sources you think is the most valid?


      36. Jedi, that doesn’t sound like it’s a good wish for me. Perhaps you should explain before anyone gets the idea that you are trying to curse me, a rather naughty thing for a Christian to do.


      37. I know you are scoffing… I don’t say what I do out of ignorance, but because I wish you well. If you hate the message, then discard it, and save your self the honor of not trying to bring harm to the messenger… But if you want to try and kill my peace with your covert aggression. I pray that you see your evils… And repent, so that you may live forever.


      38. Nice try to retcon your comments, but the best thing about a written medium is that you can’t. You have offered nothing like peace, you have made false comments, you are unable to provide evidence for your claims and your “message” is just more evidence that Christians do not agree with each other on their supposed “truth”. Quite a list of accomplishments for someone who has called himself a Jedi.


      39. I seek only your well being, and the well being of those who know not thier GOD, but thier is a limit… I pray you not cross that limit. For probation does close for each man. … It’s interesting how Venus is perfectly like the planet earth, yet is covered in lava and fire.


      40. No, you don’t seek anyone’s well being. You seek external validation since you have no evidence for your claims. An atheist’s mere existence shows that your myths are wrong and your hopes of being special fail.

        Funny how venus is quite different from earth, for if it were “perfectly like the earth” it wouldn’t be covered in lava and fire, wouldn’t have an entirely different atmosphere, have no magnetic field, be millions of miles closer to the sun, have no plates, be smaller, etc. You really need to work on learning what the word “perfect” means.


      41. I didn’t say does things… I won’t want you to seek external validation of anyone I know that isn’t a healthy mindset to have. The Bible teaches that I am to esteem the thoughts of God more than man… To fear GOD and not man. To care for GOD praises and not man’s.

        I know some history on atheism.. In the ancient world it was outlawed to be an atheist, note that this is in pagan cultures. Evolution argument has been around for a long time. As well as the arguments for Design known as teolological argument.
        Christianity has been around since before Moses… Does that mean it is true to you?


      42. No, Christianity hasn’t been around since “before Moses”. There is no evidence of that at all. But please do provide what you think supports your claims.

        It was indeed outlawed to not believe in gods in some cultures. Christians were considered atheists by the religions of other cultures, most notably the Roman Empire, because they denied the existence of the gods of other religions. Most theists are atheists when it comes to all gods but their own. Welcome to the club!

        Please do show where the “evolution argument has been around for a long time” which I assume you mean long before the 1800s. The teleological argument has been around for quite a long time, because most if not all religions use it to try to claim that their god exists and is the creator. None of these religions can show that their claims are true, since all of them have no more evidence than the nest. So, which god is the creator, Jedi? Where’s your evidence that your god is the one rather than some other god?


      43. “No Christianity hadn’t been around before Moses” I thought you said you like knowledge… And knowledge is what is truthful. Before Moses were many men and women who follow GOD. And Jesus Christ is the second person of the Godhead from the “Bible”… Thus He is also GOD. It was Jesus Christ whom the Prophets and the people commune with before Moses… It was Jesus Christ who spoke to Noah. Rather you believe the historical reliably of the Bible is up to you… I do because of the multitude of evidence in and from outside the Bible. I know you are an atheist… And you probably don’t know much about the Bible. I might be willing to give the truth of it… Only if you want to know about it, and not give preconceived doctrines which has no validite within the scriptures. Moses, Enoch, Noah, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel… All these men were Christians. Even Before Christ came to this earth.


      44. I do like knowledge. You have offered nothing but unsupported claims. Again, nothing supports the claims of the bible. It is as baseless as any myth from any other culture. Still waiting for evidence.

        To claim that because someone believes in a god is evidence for that god does pose a problem with you since this would indicate that all gods are just as valid as you claim your god is. Do you agree with this, Jedi? Because if you don’t, you are just doing more special pleading, wanting claims to only apply to your claims and not to others.

        It’s always amusing that TrueChristians(tm) like you try to coopt characters who would not agree with you. There is no evidence that your god exists, or that Jesus Christ existed or is this god, much less that the Jews think that their prophets were communing with Jesus Christ or that the bible indicates that is what they thought (if they existed at all). Your false claims is an invention by Christians, and as always a baseless invention. You are as sad as the Mormons who try to claim that everyone is a Mormon, with their attempts at supposedly converting people after they are dead. I am very happy to see you make more false claims to further demonstrate that your version of your religion depends on intentional falsehoods just like so many others. No, Moses, Enoch, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel were not Christians at all. There is little reason to believe that they existed at all, and absolutely none to think that they believed in what you do.

        Again, still waiting for evidence that the essential events of the bible occurred. There is nothing that supports your claim that the bible is historically reliable. You keep claiming “multitude of evidence” and as always you can’t provide this evidence at all.

        I know quite a bit about the bible. And there is no reason to believe you have any “truth” about it. No one cares if you are “willing” or not to give your claims of some “truth”, because your “truth” will be just more baseless claims as always. It’s hilarious for you to accuse me of having preconceived doctrines, when that is all you’ve offered and have yet to show your claims have any validity at all.


      45. I’m aware that arguments for evolution (nature being supremetp) has been around since 3 century BC by the evoutioinis Epicurus. Cicero a Roman orator used design arguments against him.

        I know their is much evidence for the GOD of the Bible as the sole CREATOR and only TRUE GOD… Where is the evidence for “biological evolution” Darwinian evolution.

        The Bible says this about GOD: “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. 21For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened”


      46. This is what Epicurus said that can even slightly be construed as similar to evolutionary theory: “And further, we must not suppose that the worlds have necessarily one and the same shape. For nobody can prove that in one sort of world there might not be contained, whereas in another sort of world there could not possibly be, the seeds out of which animals and plants arise and all the rest of the things we see.”

        This quite a bit different from what Darwin and Wallace came up with, which isn’t the same as what we know now. Epicurus was also a theist, not an atheist. He believed that the universe was eternal and had its own laws. He was also ignorant of all the knowledge we have now. As always, creationist depend on willful ignorance to keep their nonsense intact. Cicero’s attacks against Epicurus was based on the concepts of free will and predetermination (something that Christians can’t agree on either), not about evolution. An overview is here:

        Still no evidence of your god, that it was the creator and that the laws of physics can’t be just as “eternal” as your god.

        Plenty of evidence for evolution theory, so your attempts at claiming personal incredulity doesn’t work. Sorry.

        Again, nice little bible verse, but many, if not most, religions make the same claim for their god/gods, and surprise, they have no more evidence than you do. So, again, why believe your claims?


      47. Space is Empty:
        In ancient times it was variously believed that the earth sat on a large animal or a giant, or even that a mythical Atlas supported the pillars that held heaven and earth apart, and/or carried the earth around on his shoulders (Where he stood while doing so presents an interesting conundrum). However, in what is probably the oldest book of the Bible, Job, living in an ancient culture that knew nothing about space or planets, asserted that God hung the earth on nothing (1500 B.C.) or, in other words, the earth free floats in space.

        “He stretches out the north over empty space; he hangs the earth on nothing [Job 26:7]

        All matter is composed of atoms. Only in recent years has science discovered that everything we see is composed of things that we cannot see- tiny invisible particles called atoms, made up of electrons and protons, which are really not solids, but positive and negative charges of electricity. Whether he specifically understood it or not, the author of the books of Hebrews wrote about atomic structure, nearly 2000 years before it was discovered by scientists.

        By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible. [Hebrews 11:3] [Emphasis Added]

        Interestingly the atom has a dense center called the nucleus, inside which are neutrons, which have no electrical charge and are therefore neutral and protons, which have positive charges. One law of electricity is that like charges repel one another. Therefore, since the protons inside the nucleus are all positive charges, they should repel one another and scatter, but for some reason they do not. There is a binding force, not yet understood, holding them together. Hmmm!

        “For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:16-17).


      48. “You are My witnesses,” declares the LORD, “And My servant whom I have chosen, So that you may know and believe Me And understand that I am He. Before Me there was no God formed, And there will be none after Me. 11″I, even I, am the LORD, And there is no savior besides Me.” Isaiah 43:10

        GOD is saying He is the only GOD and He choice a people to be His witness.


      49. I’m sure you know a debate between Thesitc evolution (believing the earth is billions of years old but believing it is made my the God of the Bible) and Young Earth Creation (belife that the only way for us to know the past is through recorded history which trustworthy of that past). Doesn’t disprove creation in the sense that all things was made by a Creator…


      50. Yep, I certainly know how Christians don’t agree over evolution or the age of the earth.

        Still no evidence for your version of your religion or your god. Still no evidence that your claim that the bible is recorded history is true at all. Still no evidence your god was the creator or any creator is needed at all.


      51. Venus is known as the “sister” planet because it is similar to earth… In size and density.


      52. Hmmm, now Venus is just similar, when you have claimed that Venus is perfectly alike to earth….well, you know, except for all of where it is not and entirely different. Your creationist attempts to make the claim that since Venus and Earth are the same to support his false claim that his god created the solar system, and the fact is that they are not the same. Size and density are close, not the same, and the rest are entirely different. Since I can share a similar size and density to a ostrich, per your claims, this means that I and the ostrich are perfectly alike. That does show just how silly your and your creationist claims are.


      53. More lies, how nice. Thanks for showing again that is all you have. But please do show us what you think the best evidence this video offers, because that would indicate that you at watched these rather than just throwing shit at the wall and hoping that some of it will stick.


      54. Let’s look at more of Spike’s claims.

        Mercury can’t be as dense as it is. Why? Because Spike doesn’t believe it, despite that we have plenty of evidence it can be and computer simulations of how it could have happened. Stomping one’s foot and saying “I don’t want to believe it so it isn’t true.” Is quite amusing for an engineer. Still no evidence for his god or any god.

        Jupiter just can’t be without his god’s action. He makes claims that “evolutionary models” say that Jupiter can’t rotate as it does, can’t have the elements it does, and surprise, he uses long outdated information, quote-mining from a paper from 1992 and must intentionally ignore up to date data. This is called a lie. More details on how Spike lies is here: and here:

        So, again we have a man who makes grand claims and cannot and will not show any evidence to support his claims whilst misrepresenting modern astronomy by the usual tools of a creationist, quote-mining, using outdated data/ models to attack, intentionally ignoring up to date data/models, and outright lies.
        So much for them believing in a god that hates lies and liars. Or perhaps they think their god won’t notice them.


      55. Time 14mins is my favorite… Talks about Venus, which is the same size and density as earth. The only difference is that while earth is quite wonderfully made… Venus is fully covered in lava and fire. 🔥


      56. wow, so you run to a video by the fellow who wants to claim that the magical noah flood happened on other planets too. I do love how TrueChristians make up nonsense and gosh, they weren’t there to see it so, dear Jedi, how dare they comment on it?

        so “venus which is the same size and density as earth”. Let’s see if that is true or just a lie told by a TrueChristian:
        Mean radius
        6051.8±1.0 km[5]
        0.9499 Earths
        Surface area
        4.6023×108 km2
        0.902 Earths

        9.2843×1011 km3
        0.866 Earths

        4.8675×1024 kg[6]
        0.815 Earths

        Mean density
        5.243 g/cm3

        Surface gravity
        8.87 m/s2
        0.904 g

        Now, let’s compare that to earth:

        Mean radius
        6371.0 km[6]

        Equatorial radius
        6378.1 km[7][8]

        Polar radius
        6356.8 km[9]

        1/298.257222101 (ETRS89)

        40075.017 km (equatorial) [8]
        40007.86 km (meridional) [11][12]

        Surface area
        510072000 km2[13][14][n 4]
        (148940000 km2 (29.2%) land
        361132000 km2 (70.8%) water)

        1.08321×1012 km3[3]

        5.97237×1024 kg[15]
        (3.0×10-6 solar mass)

        Mean density
        5.514 g/cm3[3]

        Surface gravity
        9.807 m/s2[16]
        (1 g)

        So, the “same” can be as much as 20% different. So your “expert” is already caught in a lie. We know that earth and venus are not exactly alike and we know why that makes them different. For example, no or little magnetic field on Venus, plenty of one on earth. Earth has tectonic plates, and as our “expert” admits, Venus doesn’t. So much for them being the “same”. This controls how atmosphere is kept and modified. And venus looks like the “biblical description of hades”? Hmmm, where is that description that has high pressure, craters etc? Or is our TrueChristian lying again? “Evolution” does not say that the planets have to be alike, that is what ol’ Spike is claiming it does. Evolution, even taken in the astronomical sense (which he is not using it) never says that Venus and Earth should be or are alike as Spike claims. And wow, I do love his claim that Venus should have a moon if earth and venus were made of the same thing (not exactly) at the same place (rather hard since they are in different places) and completely ignores current research. That’s a common tactic of creationists, they do their very best at attacking theories that have been discarded and do their best to ignore current ones. Why would supposed honest and truthful Christians find they have to do this? And hmmm, he claims that “evolutionary theory” (which one he never says) says that Venus had a moon and “something happened”. Now, being well versed in astronomy, I am not aware of any “evolutionary theory” says this or what evidence there is, even computer simulations, show this to be possible at all. It is not surprising that Spike can’t support his claims at all.

        and it’s always great to point out that Christians claim each other is wrong:

        this video is quite fun. I think I might continue watching it.


      57. Interesting how you got this from a Christian website. I know thier is debate between young earth and old earth. Thier is a video debate on YouTube by Ross Huge and Jason Lisle. I know earth maybe if field is quite powerful… Though it has been decreasing. Venus is known as the sister planet… Because it is similar to earth in size and density.


      58. It is isn’t it, since it shows very well that Christians don’t agree and neither side can show that its version is the truth. Still waiting for the evidence of the essential events of the bible, still waiting for evidence your version is the valid one. How many months has it been, Jedi?

        Again, repeating a false claim doesn’t make it true. And thanks for showing that you are again so ignorant about science. Yep, the magnetic field is decreasing. We know that the earth’s magnetic field does this and we can see the pattern in the rocks. Still nothing to show your god exists. No magic flood, no magic flood on mars either. That a planet has floods doesn’t support magical mountain covering floods that magically don’t leave evidence.


      59. Thier is a lot of evidence for a massive flood… Which helped induce the ice age.


      60. Okay, present this evidence.

        Please do start with date of this magical bible flood.

        There have been plenty of big floods. You need to support the one described in your bible.


      61. The one that is mentioned in the bible? I know what the bible claims about it. I also know that believers do not agree when it was.

        There is no evidence for a flood as described in the bible. But again, do tell me when the magic bible flood happened.


      62. If you believe it’s just a magical flood (I guess you think miracles are not possible) then why bother trying to give evidence for it… You think its fairy tale. I did give two links which give the underlining evidence that a global flood did occur on this earth in the past. As for dating, the only source people “truly” have for getting a date for when the “global” flood happened… Is from the “Bible”… It was during the time of Noah. I’ve heard dates of that being around 4000Bc

        I will reiterate… II am only giving arguments for certain events in theBible,I’m not trying to ‘convert’


      63. I do love your repeated claims you aren’t here to convert. It seems you’ve changed your story since you need an excuse of why you fail so badly at what your bible says you are supposedly charged to do.

        You are quite correct, I do not believe in the claims of miracles by theists of all kinds. Again, no evidence at all for the miracles claimed by theists, just like there is no evidence for the bible flood. Its just great to see you now try your hardest to now avoid supporting your claims about the flood and give the evidence you claim exists. that is no surprise at all.

        You gave links to false claims about how known geology supports the flood. For example, one of the claims is that since there is marine fossils at the tops of mountains, this means that the ocean covered the Himalayas. The creationist website of course doesn’t mention that we know that there are plate tectonics, and the Himalayas were formed from the uplifted ocean bottom sediments when the sub-continent of India rammed into the south side of the continent of Eurasia, and we can see the folding of the sediments from this action. Creationists like you depend on intentional lies and that can be demonstrated repeatedly.

        Funny that there were civilizations around 4000 BC who never noticed a worldwide flood that supposedly killed everyone but 8 people who weren’t them No evidence of magical flood and not even in any time period around there: And funny how this doesn’t match up with your claim that the flood somehow was with an ice age since the last ice age ended thousands of years before your claims of when the magic flood happened. The bible says nothing about a date, the date that AIG claims is based on a man calculating the age of the earth from the false claims of the bible since there is no evidence that any human has lived as long as it claims. We have baseless claims built on baseless claims. The AIG website says that “From the rest of the Old Testament and other well-documented historical events we understand that creation, as calculated by Ussher, was about 4004 BC.” However, they do not mention a single one of these “well-documented historical events”. Why don’t they? They don’t have any and from the links I have given we do know actual historical events that indicate that the AIG people are lying.

        It’s quite cute to watch you couch your claims by saying you’ve “heard” about a date so when that claim is shown to be false, you can run away from it.


      64. Okay. so, do explain how this flood that happened all over the world, did one singular canyon? If this flood is accurately described in the bible, there should be canyons like this everywhere. There aren’t. If the flood story is accurate, there should be one single layer of sediment from it, but strangely enough, we don’t have that at all, and the walls of the Grand Canyon show this well, with their distinct layers.

        Here’s an experiment you can do, Jedi. Take a clear container and add layers of different kind of sediment e.g. sand, gravel, topsoil, etc, Then add lots of water and agitate violently, just like the bible claims happen. Now, what do you get? Do you get one single layer or do you get distinct layers of the separate sediments?

        What you find is that you get one layer, sorted by hydraulics. If the bible flood story is true, then we should see one giant layer, and not the many layers we do see.

        Another problem is that creationists want to claim that the layers seen were mud when the canyon was created. Now, again, we can do our own experiment to see just how stable a wall of mud is. Can you fold mud, Jedi? I would love to see you do so.

        It’s always kind of sad to watch creationists use the same old failed tactics. Again, geologists have long abandoned the idea of uniformitarianism that creationists try to attack. what does it say about a religion that needs lies to prop it up?


      65. “How” the flood happened…. In other words how come the the flood happened… It happened because GOD saw that the thoughts of men were evil continuously… And they did evil only Noah and His family were righteous before GOD. And How is that scientifically possible? Hmm isn’t that a nice question, I want to know the answer too. Well in the Bible GOD said He will make it rain for forthy days and forth nights ( for 40 days and nights it rained all over the earth). Is this plausible according to scientific “speculation” (we can’t observe the earth being flooded by rain for 40 days again because that is in the past)?
        The question makes me excited in finding the answer.


      66. Nice try to move the goalposts. No, Jedi, no one asked you “how come the flood happened”. You were asked to provide evidence that the flood happened, not the reason why. Thanks for showing that again you need to rely on deceit and falsehoods. Again, evidence for your god, that it can read thoughts, that men were “evil continuously”, etc.

        Again, no evidence for 40 days and nights of rain. No evidence that this could cover all of the mountains on earth. We do know what it would take for this to occur, and the physics are quite fun to read since this would kill Noah and destroy the ark. You can see all of the creationist claims about how the flood could have happened and how they all fail here:

        If your magical flood happened, where is the evidence? If the grand canyon is evidence, why does the physics not work out for a world wide violent flood to create distinct layers and sharp curve in the channel and folds in sediment?


      67. Yep, the bible does say this, it doesn’t make it true.

        So, pick one of the claims by AIG and tell me why you find it valid. I am guessing you haven’t even read the page you’ve posted.


      68. Science isn’t the Truth… Neither is Aethism. Science can’t answers questions on morality, Metaphysics, it can’t prove that science is true, It can’t answer questions on Aesthetics and Logical and Mathematics truths or proof…. Science assumes logic and maths to be true. Scientifical interpretation of the data is always base on the worldview of the scientist.

        And naturalistic philosophy is the belife atheism is step in… The belif thier is no GOD who made that all things came from naturalistic processes. Is that the truth? Is the biological evolutionary paradim of how old the earth is true, despite no human historian being thier to date the age of the earth because no human life was there to see how the earth was formed and live to tell the tale to exceeding generations….

        To say that doesn’t prove the Bible to be true… I wasn’t giving those dates to prove the Bible to be true over all.

        You ask for the date for the flood… The only way “logically” to know the date for the flood is by “historical knowledge”
        The debate between young and old age doesn’t source t with the timeline given after the fall from Eden… Now rather you trust what the Bible says about the time line or you don’t. It’s up to you not me… If you like I can give archeological evidence that point to what has been documented in the Bible to be factual. Would that be something you would like? I can also give the source


      69. Ah, still no evidence for your claims. how nice. Science can explain why humans tend to share an aesthetic sense, and can answer why we often share a sense of morality. Logic isn’t science and it shows that religious claims are false. Mathematics work with physics and again, show no need for a god. Please do show how mathematics isn’t true and how it can be dependent on “worldview”. Because if you can do so, we need to present this for publication. Otherwise, its just more vague nonsense to excuse why you don’t have any evidence.

        Atheism certainly seems to be true since again you cannot show that your god exists at all. If you want to question if evolutionary theory is wrong, then show evidence that your claims are true. I’m *still* waiting and still no evidence.

        This bit is wonderful ” Is the biological evolutionary paradim of how old the earth is true, despite no human historian being thier to date the age of the earth because no human life was there to see how the earth was formed and live to tell the tale to exceeding generations….” So, per you, we can’t trust anything that we didn’t see. This does a wonderful job of invalidating your entire religion. You and I weren’t there to know that the events in the bible happened, so that must mean that they didn’t.

        And again, nice to see you again try to lie that you weren’t giving dates to prove the bible true. But you are more than welcome to explain why you did give those dates. What was your “real” reason, Jedi”?

        Please do give this archaeological evidence that shows that the Bible is factual. This does need to show that the essential events of the bible happened. If it is just that the bible mentions certain cities and town, or certain personages, that makes the bible just as “factual” as Greek myths, or a comic book.


      70. I will give the evidence for the things you picked… After which I will go away. And you won’t see me again. It will be within a few weeks or more.


      71. This I doubt. What I predict will happen is that you will never provide this evidence, hoping I will forget about it. Then you will slink back under one more screen name and hope I won’t notice, posting more nonsense.

        It’s always great to watch TrueChrisitans(tm) claim that they have all of this evidence but when they are called on this claim, they don’t actually have it but will get it “someday”.


      72. Greetings unbeliever with generosity I make available, the information for your inquiry. I give these things not for amusement, or for simple intellectualluality… But out of generosity and kindness. Man needs the converting power of God in order to have even a chance of life everlasting. Man needs His GOD.

        1) evidence that your GOD is the creator GOD
        2) evidence that humans lived for 3) hundreds and hundreds of years
        4) evidence of a flood as described in the bible
        5) evidence of a GOD causes the differences in language
        6) evidence that there an “exodus” as described in the bible
        7) evidence of a palace and temple as described in the bible
        8) evidence of battles fought between hundreds of thousands of combatants
        9) evidence of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
        10) Evidence that a legion’s worth of men, plus women and children met at least twice outside of an occupied city
        11) Evidence that the sun darkened, a major earthquake happened and many dead got out of their tombs

        For these inquires, I won’t go into length on each bercause it is a vast amount of information… Rather I will inform you of the books, Videos, and articles that cover these indebth and to the point.

        1) Books Case for Christianity and Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel. In the Philosophy of Religion, there are many logical arguments, like the teological argument, ontological arguments, cosmological arguments, evidential arguemt. I like the Kalam Cosmological Argument, which goes like this… Since we know that the universe was created (there is much evidence for this that I haven’t even heard an athiest say no without being dishonest, a simple Google search will go through the e evidence) there for the universe had a cause… That eliminates the idea that the universe is eternal.

        2) If this is in reference to the young earth creationism… For the earth being only about 6k years old, the book The Young Earth: The Real History of the Earth – Past, Present, and Future by John Morris. articles on Young earth

        Recorded history only extends so far back. Usually with in the hundreds of years.

        3) The book The Global Flood: Unlocking Earth’s Geologic History by John D. Morris, its about 40 pages and straight to the points. Another book is the Creations answers book… More than 5 chapters covered on the flood within the scientific and historical apologetic book.

        4) There is a lot of observational evidence for an exudus, but in secualr archeology just like in Science community, there is an accepted paradigm… That even if the paradigm is shown to be wrong, the paradigm is still chosen because it dictates how all observational science is to be interpreted. In archeological case… It’s a paradigm of Egyptian history…. The DVD pattern of evidence by filmmaker Timothy P. Mahone. THIER Is a site called it is possible from that site to watch the video for free. Link:

        5) If you are referring to the Temple !are !y soloman etc… A simple Google search on the subject could bring up archeological findings. The book evidence for the Bible has a lot of archeological findings that show the Bible history and events to be factul, as well as many other books.

        6) Isreal was in many wars… History books on the subject could go in more.

        7) Archaeologist have found the remains of Sodom and Gorrmora… A simple search on Google will show the results.

        Documentary of Sodom and Gorrmor:
        Article from Institute of Creation research:

        8) if you are referring to the cite of JERICO where the isrelaly were marching around and the walls feel.. Thier is archeological evidence of that city.. In the video Patten of evidence speaks a good bit about that, later on.
        Article from

        9) The Bible speaks when Jesus Christ gave up the ghost, events occurred… They are extra biblical historians recording similar events.Thallus (Circa AD 52, eclipse of the sun)


        I do this out of generosity, arguments are not meant to win a person to faith… Even when they are true, the Bible says that the unrighteous… Wireless the truth in unrighteousness

        “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. 20For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse”- Romans 1:18-20


      73. Hey, Jedi’s back and claiming that he’s so very generous in giving supposed evidence for his claims. No, Jedi, you are not generous or kind for cutting and pasting nonsense. It’s great to see you trying to repeat false claims and hoping that the links you’ve will do your work for you.

        It’s always quite a tell when a TrueChristian like you already knows your claims will not “win a person to faith” and tries to excuse his failure by trying to say he isn’t really trying to support his religion. The reason your claims will not win a person to faith is that they are demonstrably false.

        I’ll be happy to show how your claims fail, Jedi.

        Let’s start with #9. There is no evidence for the events claimed during the cruxifiction. Christians can’t even agree on what day this supposedly happened and there is no evidence of a major earthquake, the sky darkening and the “blessed” dead rising from their graves and hanging out with the living in Jerusalem. The gospels don’t even agree what happened, all giving different accounts. The writings of Thallus don’t exist any more, we only have a mention in Africanus, the original of this lost and only quoted by a 9th century Christian Syncellus. Thallus supposedly calls the darkening an eclipse and the ancients did know what eclipses were and could predict them. The problem is that the bible claims that JC was murdered as Passover which is always during a full moon and it is impossible for a eclipse to happen at that time and Africanus acknowledges this. Syncellus claims that Thallus called the darkeness mentioned in the bible an eclipse, but there is nothing to show that Thallus did any such thing. It does appear that someone named Thallus may have written about an eclipse and an earthquake happening in a certain year but nothing about a date or anything about a Jewish messiah at all.

        There is also the fact that another Christian “father”, Eusebius, says he used Thallus for information and strangely enough didn’t mention at all that this Thallus said anything about Jesus or a darkening of the sky for the cruxifiction. Now, why would such a man not bother to offer such a piece of evidence if it existed?

        I’ll address the rest later.


      74. Let’s go on to #8. There is certainly evidence for a city called Jericho. The problem for Christians is that their claims about it don’t match up with the archaeology.

        One can see that Jericho shows that the creationist nonsense about a 6000 year old earth is simply ridiculous. Then we get to the claims of the battle with Israelites running around in circles, and surprise that doesn’t work either:

        the mention of actual cities and people in myths doesn’t make the myths true. If this was the case, the myth of Athena and Poseidon contesting over who gets to name Athens would be just as true as the bible nonsense, and Spiderman must be real since New York exists.


      75. to continue with showing that Jedi’s claims aren’t true.

        Sodom and Gomorrah haven’t been definitively found ( and unsurpsingly, the reason is that no one can show that there was some magical fiery attack anywhere. Lies from creationists don’t count as facts or as evidence. The myth of Sodom and Gomorrah is one of those ones that makes many theists rather squeamish. We have a god that has no problem in burning people to death for sins not their own. We also have a patriarch of the religion having no problem in giving his daughters to a ravening mob. Ol’ Dad Lot is a sad little man. We also get treated to having Lot’s wife being murdered for looking back at a dying city, and then Lot’s daughters are so convinced that the world is ending, they commit incest with their father. You might thing that good ol’ God might have let them in on the secret.

        There’s a great bit where God and Abraham are arguing over who gets killed. Poor God, he has no idea if there are any good people on S&G, so much for omninpotence. Or he’s just being a dick to Abraham and is fully planning to murder everyone no matter what. Either way, this entity is not what most Christians and Jews worship.

        The last bit of amusement we can get from the Sodom and Gomorrah story is that Christians and Jews usually have no idea what the supposed real sin of S&G was. This is because they don’t read their manual on how to be saved: ““‘Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.” No sex at all, which I am sure disappoints so many Christians. Now, this does make a lovely comparison with the TrueChristians who are desperately afraid of allowing any refugees in.


      76. well, Jed, that’s a world view of some Christians, not all. And there is no evidence to support the mythical beliefs of these Christians, only rather sad little lies. Linguistics do not support the Babel claim, either does archaeology. The bible itself also contradicts the nonsense claimed by TrueChristians, since it says that people spoke different languages before the myth of Babel. It’s a shame that so many Christians have no idea what their bible actually says.

        Linguistics shows that languages probably came from one source and then changed with dispersal (there are many competing hypotheses: ). Now, if your fairy tale was true, there should be no sign of a first language if your god made everyone unable to understand everyone else like the bible claims. There certainly would be more than a few tens of language groups, there would be thousands right? or was there only 30 people building this tower to heaven?

        It’s also hilarious to watch TrueChristians insist that “process of change would actually be superbly dangerous, as they admit.” What process of change? Why is it “dangerous”? Who is admitting this? Surprise, it’s more lies by TrueChristians since they have made this up whole cloth. Oh and when did the babel story supposedly happen? What date? Funny how again Christians don’t agree on when their nonsense happens. This paragraph is one of the best of the lies:

        “Even though he seems convinced that all languages stem from a single Proto Language, Robins talks of a ‘unitary state’ of the Indo-European language family, which is ‘as far as one can at present go by comparative and historical inference’. He adds, ‘Whatever date may be ascribed (and 3,000 BC has been suggested) aeons of linguistic history lie behind it [emphasis mine].’16 However, it seems odd to believe in those ‘aeons of linguistic history’, without any evidence, unless one takes the evolution theory for granted, as he does. The evidence indicates otherwise. We do observe an original language, or at least, traces of it, from which the Indo-European languages have derived. The 3,000 years BC, which Robins mentions, is significant, as such a time span is consistent with the Biblical account.”

        It’s always great fun to watch TrueChristians try to mangle actual research and lie about it. So, we have a god that was unable to actually change languages, if evidence of a original language is still there. It seems that the authors can’t quite decide which claims to make and do a lovely job of contradicting themselves. Thanks, Jedi, for showing how ridiculous TrueChristians are.


      77. I’m giving arguments for certain Bible events, which gives ‘clue’ to the Control of Existence by a Creator GOD. By no means am I here to try and ‘convert’ you… I thank you for sharing your evidences.


      78. I do enjoy that you again scuttle away from actually presenting evidence for your claims. It is not surprising at all that you have nothing, Jedi. You have no “clues”, and your attempts to show your religion to be true have failed consistently. You try to claim you weren’t here to provide evidence now, of course after you’ve failed to do so.

        Again, you claimed that you know that the bible flood occurred and when it did when you claimed “Their is a lot of evidence for a massive flood… Which helped induce the ice age.”

        Which ice age, Jedi? We know the dates of them so you surely can tell me the date of this bible flood, right? Or have you been caught lying again?


      79. I believe you have misrepresented my aim and the arguements I gave.
        You claim thier is no evidence, when I have proved these arguments and scientific evidence.. Is that all the “observational” clues that point to existence being created according to the Bible… Absolutely not. The sources I gave can go much more in-depth. I believe you made a straw man fallacy… I know my aim and arguemtns I gave are not accurately represented in your message. I’ll reiterate again… I am proving arguemtns for Creation, and not trying to ‘convert’


      80. There is no evidence. You have notn proven your arguments or presented scientific evidence that supports the supposed magical events in the bible. The “observational clues” that you claim are all caused by other means, not your magical god. The sources you have given do not and cannot go much more in depth, for their claims fail to match with the real world. Again, show how you can fold mud, Jedi. Show that a flood as described in the bible can make discreet layers. Do the experiments I have described and tell me why your claims don’t match what reality shows.

        No one cares what you believe, Jedi, for all you have is baseless claims. You need to show that I have made a strawman fallacy. You have to show that your aims and arguments are not accurately represented by what I have written. You are failing both at converting and providing arguments for your god existing and being the creator. Still waiting.


      81. I haven’t gone away “yet” and I have provided scientifical (things observable) evidence in certain arguments for a Biblical worldview… Of course they are not exhaustive.
        Thank you for challenging the evidence, though I know what I provided to be accurate… Thank you for the “small” amount of mockery. It helps me to experience what Jesus Christ must have gone through… Though small in its quanity comaperd to Him. I hope in time you might see the true light


      82. “For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace, because the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God; for it does not subject itself to the law of God, for it is not even able to do so, and those who are in the flesh cannot please God.”- Romansc8:7


      83. I know it could be hard to see the evidence, from a worldview of Athiesm…. Of naturalistic philosophy, materialism. The links I provided goes into evidence of for a global flood, the Solar system video I showed goes into observational evidence of the solar system not matching up to the evolutionary model but to the creation model, I’ve given quotes from the scripture… From what GOD said. I wanted you to see “some” Scriptures… Of what GOD said.

        Now I showed a video called thier is no evidence for creation. To claim thier is no evidence I see as a straw man fallacy on your part. Is this exusitivce evidence going into the sophisticated mathematics? No… I could give author’s whom could go into that.


      84. Again, more claims of having evidence, but not showing it. Again, the videos you have shown do not show evidence for a global flood or the solar system being evidence for your god’s existence. You have claimed that Venus and earth are “perfect” duplicates but funny how they aren’t at all. What does “perfect” mean, Jedi? The solar system matches quite well with current theories and hypotheses. The solar system certainly does not match up to the Christian creation model, which says that the moon shines like the sun, and it does not. The bible also has no idea what the stars are, other than lights in the sky.

        Evidence that your god said anything in the bible? Any evidence that you god exists that isn’t useable for any other god? Capitalizing a word makes it no more true. it’s just silly shouting because you have nothing else. I’ve read the bible a couple of times, so I know what your god supposedly said. I’ve also read the Qu’ran, the Book of Mormon, a good part of the Hindu myths, etc. All of these supposed holy books are no more true than the myths of the Greeks, Romans, Norse, etc.

        What does “exusitivce evidence” mean? Is English your primary language? I wonder because you can’t spell or write coherently. You go far beyond someone who just occasionally misspells a word or gets bit of grammar wrong. Please do give authors who use math to show god. That’ll be great fun. Be sure it shows that it is your god, Jedi.

        Oh and a straw man argument is inventing a position to attack that isn’t what the opponent is saying to gain an advantage. You have made baseless claims and I have shown them wrong by evidence. I have shown your claims of evidence to be false and to be no more than willful ignorance, quote-mining, attacking outdated and already disproven theories, etc. I have not invented anything that you haven’t written yourself. If you wish to make accusations, know what you are accusing me of.


      85. I’ve given two scientifically verify facts… Which the Bible contained many years before it was known scientifically. I know that is evidence for the inspiration of the Bible..


      86. Which two of your claims are scientifically verifiable? You’ve made so many claims, I do want to see you state which ones they are. If this is so, then show how they are scientifically verifiable.


      87. Essential events, what events you would like to see the arguments for?


      88. Let’s see:
        evidence that your god is the creator god

        evidence that humans lived for hundreds and hundreds of years

        evidence of a flood as described in the bible

        evidence of a god causes the differences in language

        evidence that there an “exodus” as described in the bible

        evidence of a fabulous palace and temple as described in the bible

        evidence of battles fought between hundreds of thousands of combatants

        evidence of the magic destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

        Evidence that a legion’s worth of men, plus women and children met at least twice outside of an occupied city

        Evidence that the sun darkened, a major earthquake happened and many dead got out of their tombs and hung out with many living all on one day.

        That’s a start. Take your pick.


      89. I will like to proved argumetns for these… Besides the magical flood, because I don’t know what that is… I will give arguments for the global flood though, which doesn’t carry the name “magical”.


      90. It will take a few weeks maybe more… I hope we are still alive by then.


      91. I’m surprise you didnt find the evidence for these onyp your own, they are quite simple. But first if you don’t trust the Bible. Atleast as a Historically accurate source of past events, you can’t answer some or even all of the questions you have.

        I can’t respond to the “magical” onces because frankly I don’t know what this are… I can respond to what the Bible those say… By the way about the moon darkening, that has to do with Bible prophecy.


      92. Still no evidence presented by you. How unsurprising. Again, the bible is not historically accurate. But you can present evidence it is. The bible is the claim, not the evidence.

        Wow, you are quite amazing. You don’t even know what your bible says. The sun (or some bibles say “sky”) darkened, not the moon, Jedi and this supposedly happened for hours during the cruxifiction. It was daytime. Tsk.


      93. I know what you were referring g to with the moon darkened.. When Jesus Christ gave up the ghost.


      94. As for canyans having to be every where. I frankly don’t believe that… If the flood covered a large area or small that was remotely flat, and it was covered by the flood, it should resemble that of a sea bed… I believe mountains and canyans at the time was effected, I don’t believe a massive global flood will produce canyans all over the earth… Personally I find that speculation very…. Not true.

        As for the video about the canyans, they were giving geological scientific observational data of that particular canyan… As well that the dating method used by Unitarianism has major flaws.. To the point that it can’t be trusted. And sharing how even geologist want to go back and are going back I believe… To castraphism… Which takes into account a massive global flood happening in the distant pass to produce the rock sentiments and design of the canyan because (I don’t practise geology) its the only think that makes “logical” sense.


      95. Ah, the argument from personal incredulity. No evidence, just Jedi saying he doesn’t believe in the facts. Why would the area covered by a flood resemble a sea bed? There is no reason that this should be the case. Again, Jedi, no one cares what you choose to believe. The laws of physics say you are wrong, you don’t get to have your own version of reality.

        The video about the Grand Canyon did not give geological or scientific observational data. It did make baseless claims, was unable to show how this magic flood could create many distinct layers, could carve sharp curves, etc. Geology does not use Unitarianism as claimed by creationists anymore, Jedi. That creationists claim that we do (for I am a geologist) is more evidence that they must lie.

        Geologists use many dating methods, so again, your claims are false and you show you are ignorant of the sciences you attack. There is dating by radioactive elements, the same physics allows nuclear power plants to work. There is dating by sediment accumulation, lake varves are a great example of this. There is dating by dendrochronology. None of these are used on its own, dates are corroborated with other sources. This is how science works, gathering evidence to support an idea, not using one source.

        Again, no evidence for a global flood. There have been many violent events on the earth, and we can find evidence for those that actually happened. I do like how now you say that the flood was in the “distance past”. Just how distant is it now, Jedi? No matter how far back we go, there is no evidence for a world-wide flood.


      96. I’m glad you think the astronomy video is “fun”… Knowledge is quite lovely.


      97. I do enjoy seeing intellectuals contradict and do “some” logical fallacy in thier debates too it could be funny.


      98. I know they aren’t vague claims… They are logically connected to what the Bible says and what we can see around us. Really our very existence is a huge clue to an Intelligent designer, can we make a human being from a cat? Only humans can produce a human “kind after kind”… Only an intelligence can produce another intelligence, and only a personal being can create another personal being… Nature isn’t an intelligence nor a personal being… We can only do reason because reason an aspect of our being is given to us by a higher source than nature….

        Why couldn’t it be from aliens? Because that is a fable (there is no evidence of biological evolution from kind turning into another kind)… And it’s a subtle way biological evolution try to work… Anything other than GOD. Devils are real though, they masquared as aliens.


      99. You made this claim “I do enjoy seeing intellectuals contradict and do “some” logical fallacy in thier debates too it could be funny.”

        Still waiting for evidence of this.

        Again, where is the evidence of your god or that your god is the creator? I do see that you are straying into now just claiming an “intelligent designer” since you have nothing to show that it is your god. If there is an “intelligent designer”, why are its supposed designs so inept? The functioning of human beings is not perfect or even close to that.

        Waiting for evidence that only intelligence can produce intelligence or whatever a “personal being” can produce another “personal being”. More baseless claims from you. Other animals think too and they can reason.

        I do love how you make even more baseless claims. Aliens are a fable? And are devils? How do you know? Evidence please. And again, there is plenty of evidence for evolutionary theory and that living entities evolve into new species which cannot interbreed. Again, we see that a TrueChristian(tm) doesn’t even understand what he attacks and relies on lies to keep his religion.

        I will have to say, it’s easy to think that you are just joking with me and are an atheist because you make Christians look like complete morons.


      100. Schadenfreude: Joy in the suffering of others… Hmm. I won’t want to see you suffer for your sins. Neither those GOD.

        “For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings”


      101. Actually it’s joy in the suffering of others caused by their actions.

        If your god doesn’t want people to suffer for their sins (and again, Christians don’t agree on what those are), then this god doesn’t have to supposedly make that happen.

        The verse from Hosea is always a good one. It is a great example of how this god is presented having different contradictory attributes. The bible has this god loving burnt offerings, including human beings. This god caused the supposed “first” murder by randomly approving of burnt offerings of meat over grain and fruit. This god requires sacrifice again and again, demanding it if one believes in the cruxifiction story. And doesn’t show mercy at all. Let me ask you Jedi, how is it merciful to murder a child for its father’s actions? How is it merciful to murder people because their unquestioned leader did things because this god forced him to do so? How is it merciful to murder a man for keeping this god’s magic box upright?


      102. Bearing false witness is against the Commandment of God. Though all people are tempted and even Christians have sinned… Those that are truly converted… Will rather chose to die than sin against GOD. Hence so many die for thier Christian faith… Because it gives hope towards a better life,one of Peace, Joy, Goodness and no death or crying, or suffering with GOD face to face. Unlike Naturalistic philosophy, which gives no hope, no true moral accountability… And only death.


      103. Yep, bearing false witness is against the commandment of your god. One wonders why you, and other Christians, do it. Lots of people die for what they believe in, that doesnt’ make what they believe in true. If it did, then a lot of gods and ridiculous beliefs are as true as yours. That does present a problem for you.

        And nice bearing false witness again, with your sad little attempts at claiming that no one but you is moral. Non-Christians have as much peace, joy and goodness as Christians do.


      104. I expect men here to use thier reason. I will be greatly illnamored to think men and women here would listen to just “dubthful” comment day from a clear “bias” website… The only way logically to know what happen in the past is through histroians and thier testimony of the events which took place… Excluding the Bible thier is much historical evidence for Jesus existence, even from skeptical historians . Some one commenting on the content who wasn’t even there.. Doesn’t disprove anything or bring doubt to the authenticity of the recorded scripture.
        Which even archeology has many evidential findings to love its histroial reliability.


      105. That’s quite a word salad. There are two things that it looks like: either you are drunk or that you, Jedi, are trying to hide that he is cutting and pasting someone else’s words, with the hilarious misspellings and rearranging of grammar.

        You seem to be claiming that one can’t accept the words of anyone who wasn’t an eyewitness. So, please do show that any of the bible was written by an eyewitness. Again, your claims of historical evidence were already addressed and they failed, but as always you can rebut my conclusions with evidence. You can show more “historical evidence” if you have it. Please show where this historical evidence is that is from “skeptical historians”. Where is the archaeological findings supporting the essential events in theh bible. You see, Jedi, no one believes you if you just claim it exists. You need to show it exists. This is where you can also show that you use your reason, rather than just making more baseless claims that I can show to be nonsense.

        It’s also great fun to see you claim that no one can comment on something if they weren’t there. Hmmm, does that mean that creationists are liars since they weren’t there?


      106. Romans 5:8 – But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


  3. That god is so incompetent, those who pray have to ask for a specific amount of rain, instead of just rain. Ignorant god finally (what a couple years late?) gets around to answering their prayers and dumps them with a flood of biblical proportions. Shame ole Hambone doesn’t have his ark done yet…

    Looks you have a genuine x-ian in your midst. He/she/it is as ignorant as the god I just referred to. Delusional even. The farce is strong with that one.


    1. considering that a lot of Christians claim that this god of theirs is “outside of time” and incomprehensible, the poor dumb thing can’t have any idea what it’s doing.

      JOC is quite the Gen-U-Wine ™ Christian. 🙂


      1. I’ve seen the type. 🙂 Just back away slowly, nod your head as if in agreement, then yell “praise jebus!, halelujah!”, as you run for the car.

        If there was an almighty one they could perhaps remove my internet stutter, with the extra “have” in my previous reply? I won’t lose any sleep over it, but I hate when I do stuff like that 🙂


      2. and lo it did come to pass that the extra “have” was removed….

        of course don’t pay attention to the fact that it took the almighty one three readings of the post to actually see the extra “have”. 🙂


      3. There is an all powerful being! Praise be to the blog gods! Psst, none of the all powerful beings are all that great at being omniscient, so don’t sweat it 😉

        It is kind of odd how the brain can see two identical words side by side and easily subtract one from the concious thought. I have seen a lot of mind teasers with that very concept.


      4. That’s so very true. it’s easy for the brain to screw up. That’s why evidence is so important.

        Just recently I had the opportunity to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy again. I would have sworn I had watched it in high school but that is utterly impossible since it was on TV 10 years later.


  4. So he believes in an all knowing intangible unevidenced being that was correctly described by late bronze age/early iron age desert nomads, but not apparently a shift key.


  5. lol

    Looks like you have a 7th Day Adventist preaching the end is nigh… again. Apparently, Ellen G. White’s history of failed prophecies is not enough to dissuade her fervent followers from believing they’ve got it right, this time.


  6. Apparently “suppressing the truth” in Jedi’s minds is the same as “Contradicting his mythology with, you know, actual facts”


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