Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – pure hypocrisy

It’s no surprise at all that the woman who is doing her best to force her religion on others in Kentucky is a complete hypocrite.  Married many times, having children out of wedlock, and surprise, not considering anyone else as sinful when giving out marriage licenses to other divorcees, and evidently a couple, one of who was transgender.

She picks and chooses her bible.  She ignores the command not to be yoked to unbelievers, desperate to hold onto her job where she swore to obey the laws of the country.   She ignores the command to obey any earthly rulers since her god supposedly put *all* of them in their positions of power and thus evidently has no problem at all with the marriages between homosexuals.  She just dredges up the hate in the bible, so she can pretend her own hatred is divinely approved of.  She of course has no problem with ignoring all of those other commandments supposedly by her god.  She ignores her supposed savior when he said it was a bad thing to divorce.  for all TrueChristians claiming that atheists consider their god a vending machine, it takes a true believer to intentionally sin repeatedly and expect a deity to shell out that forgiveness they demand.

A matter of heaven or hell?  Shucks, if her version of Christianity actually is right, she’s already got herself a front row seat rubbing Satan’s bunions.

Post-script (09/07/2015 :

Best quote about this situation so far:

“A local Presbyterian pastor, Josh Akers, said Davis had a right to believe that same-sex couples shouldn’t wed. “What we don’t support is her right to impose that belief on others through the power of her office.””

14 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – pure hypocrisy

  1. As usual, the atheist misses the point completely.

    The point being that instead of just firing the woman for not doing her job, the judge had the woman thrown in jail for being a Christian.

    That the atheist misses such lawlessness in the judiciary proves that the atheist cannot and does not have any moral compass.


    1. No, the point is not missed at all. It is great to see you create lies though. We have a woman who wants to force her particular version of one religion on others. She took an oath, and I’m sure it was on a bible, that she would enforce the laws of the land. The law of the land is now that homosexuals can marry their partners. She has broken her oath to prevent one select group of people to get lawfully treated equally. She has cherry picked her bible and has no problem in giving licenses to people it says are sinners as she claims homosexuals are.

      The judge did not throw Davis into jail because she is a Christian. She was thrown in jail because she has disobeyed a law and was given every chance to do her job, a job that she knew would involve doing things she did not want to do if she is the type of Christian she claims she is. She has disobeyed the law because she is one type of Christian. As we can see, the jails are not full of people just because they are Christians.

      It’s great to see that you are just as much of a liar as always, SOM our lovely example of a TrueChristian(tm). There is no “lawlessness” in the judiciary at all. The law has come down from the highest court in the land, and the conservative Christian judge is enforcing the law, again, not jailing Davis because she is a Christian, but because she thinks her opinions are more important than the laws of the United States.

      Sorry, you don’t get a theocracy based on your personal version of what you imagine your god wants and doesn’t want. It would be interesting to see a theocracy in the US. How quick would it be until a civil war since Christians don’t agree on what their god wants? I can remember the anti-Catholic nonsense. Can you just imagine each Christian sect sure that those other sects were satanic and needed to be destroyed? How many Christians would complain if they couldn’t to the mall on Sundays or go to the stadium?

      Plenty of Christians disagree with Davis and you. Now, show us that your version of Christianity is the only true one. No god riding to the rescue of a particularly nasty woman nor showing that SOM is his favorite. Every promise of revenge from this god nothing more than whining from Christians who don’t get their way, no revenge to be seen. I’m still waiting for something to happen because of the Dover decision. Is it that your god doesn’t exist or that it agrees with everyone but people who call themselves Christians and who want to be ignorant and bigoted?


    2. Surprisingly, I agree with you in this instance.

      The penalty for insubordination or failure to perform one’s assigned duties should be dismissal, not incarceration. The fact that the state of Kentucky has no such remedy in place simply boggles my mind.


      1. If it were a private sector job, there wouldn’t be a problem and yes, dismissal would be the answer. However, with elected officials, they are breaking the law by not fulfilling their oaths.


      2. I understand the reasons—I just don’t agree. To my way of thinking it’s wrong to incarcerate someone for failing to do their job, regardless of whether it’s in the private or public sector.


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