What the Boss Likes – liberals with guns!

This weekend my husband and I shot things. Lots and lots of inanimate things. His friend from work has a collection of guns and offered to take us to the gun range.  A return to our Appalachian redneck roots….  Husband is ex-military so knows his way around most firearms.

My husband and I do not own guns. We like to shoot but it is not a good idea to have weapons that can kill so easily in reach of people who have bipolar disorder and anxiety issues. So, we have friends with guns and my parents have a couple. I’ve shot many a paint can up on the farm.  In case any one can’t guess, I am very much for gun control.   Guns are lethal; they aren’t toys for idiots to parade around with playing wannabee soldier or policeman but who don’t want the responsibility such positions should require.

I shot a shotgun (12 guage) at clay pigeons. Let me say, I suck at that. Perhaps if I had some upper arm strength to hold the weapon correctly, but the skeets (what I called clay pigeons when I was young, since it was skeet shooting and you were shooting these so…..) were very safe. My husband was pretty good and so was his friend. Husband was lucky enough to shoot one skeet twice.

Then we went to the pistol range. It’s shocking on how much difference a silencer, or more properly, a suppressor,  makes. We shot a .22 pistol and a 9 mm Glock of some type I do not recall. Weirdly, I shot much better with the silencer attached to the weapon. With the Glock and silencer, I had to aim completely above the targets, the target not even in the sight, but hit every time I shot. I’m far too tickled to know that I could target 8 shots in a row. We were around 20-30 feet from the targets. Most of what I shot were metal targets that tip over when shot. The .22 wasn’t even enough to move them, but it made an amusing ping when they were hit.

Then we had three different rifles. One was a .22, an AR-15; one was an AK-74 (we think) and a 9 MM.   You can tell I’m not exactly a gun nut since I haven’t a clue what exactly they were. Husband’s friend will be so disappointed. These were all with a rest or bipod. I was weirdly again better with a silencer on than off. Just a tiny bit sore in the shoulder today from the recoil, though for most of the weapons it was neglible. I grew up shooting .22 rifles with the occasional 30-06 standing up with no rest. Not sure of the range, I think 100 yards: we used a scope to see our hits.

This is a dangerous sport, but I’d certainly do this over rock climbing. Just keep the weapon pointed away from anyone, keep your finger off the trigger unless it’s pointed at a target and be aware that you have something that can kill another person in your hands at all times. I do think everyone should shoot at least once in their lives. It separates reality from the Hollywood fantasy. And what if the zombies come again?   🙂

7 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – liberals with guns!

  1. I haven’t handled a gun since my days as a junior at high school. The boys had a month of military style training that included target shooting with .22 and .303 rifles. Senior boys even got to shoot with machine guns. I remember sitting near the edge of a cliff with the rest of the juniors, watching the tracer bullets racing out towards 44-gallon drums anchored out at sea. Very exiting for a 13 year old boy. We moved towns at the end of that year and my new school didn’t include any such training.

    Pistols and other concealable weapons are prohibited here in NZ but other guns don’t require licensing, so there is uncertainty about how many guns there are in the country. You need a licence to own a gun, but they are reasonably easy to obtain – easier than a driver’s licence. Storage of guns is highly regulated. Guns must be stored in a securely locked cabinet, and ammunition must be stored in a securely locked cabinet in another part of the house. In other words, guns cannot be kept for the purposes of self-defence.

    As our police aren’t routinely armed, I think we have the balance between freedom and security about right.


  2. I have never discharged a firearm. Closest I have come to one was when I relative worked with the police and had his pistol at home. Owning a gun legally, I hear you must go before a judge/ magistrate to make a case why you should own. There are many illegal guns though and these make me really afraid


  3. I guess I am a bit paranoid. I think liberals, and in particular atheists should be armed as if the Domionists do try to take control we should have the ability to do something more effective that say “that’s not fair”


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