What the Boss Likes – Snowzilla, and a couple of pics from last summer

Update:  The aftermath.  Husband is digging out the bug.



Here I am sitting in the belly of Snowzilla, the current nor’easter battering the east coast of the US.   We have about 12 inches of snow (30.5 cm for you who have a sensible measurement system), and we still have around 10 hours of snow fall to go.  I’ll likely post more photos later to show how ridiculous it’s getting.


That’s a VW Beetle in the center.

outback-shoveled-path-01232What I’ve shoveled so far.


The wind currently whipping the curtains we have on our patio.

Now, as enamored as I am with finally getting snow, this is a bit much.  🙂    I’m sure I’ll be longing for warm weather soon.  I took the following last summer, when coleuses had self-seeded and grew everywhere.  The low angle photos make me think of an alien forest.








That’s it for now.  I’ll be posting a food post since we’ve stocked in some nice supplies to occupy ourselves while the snow piles up outside.






10 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – Snowzilla, and a couple of pics from last summer

  1. Do I dare say, “It looks pretty!” ??? 🙂

    It’s going to miss us, here in Snova Scotia. . .we got dumped on last winter. . . so it’s your turn!


    1. what Carmen said except the part of it missing us. It never gets us.
      What I can tell you is that yesterday was such a hot day. You would think there was a big demonstration in the sun family


    1. Happily, it’s a light fluffy snow and isn’t collecting on branches or powerlines. We have plenty of candles, lanterns (I’m a bit of a pyro when it comes to lighting) and a gas stove, so we’re pretty well set. The folks down in the Carolinas got ice and they are worse off than us in some ways.

      I suspect that this would be a good skiing snow. I tried skiing once. Let’s just say I was more than inept at it.

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  2. Oh, and it looks like good cross-country skiing snow… my favourite outdoor winter exercise especially late at night before the yokels get out and ruin the pristine landscapes and deep quiet with their infernal loud machinery.


      1. Okay… take tomorrow off. On me.

        I mention the city because even a small amount can paralyze a city if it doesn’t have the equipment and materials to clear ice. So it’s not the quantity that matters from a bad storm but how well it can be handled. It sounds as if you’re prepared for a power outage. We are always prepared for a minimum of 72 hours and could stretch that to about a month if we had to. That means that such storms can be viewed with a certain amount of self-confidence… unless one lives too close to the water and then all bets are off.


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