What the Boss Likes: Snow!

Well, here I am waiting for the big storm that is supposed to descend upon us on Wednesday.   We’re supposed to get between 12″ and 30″ of snow,  30.5 to 76 cm for my friends out in the world that use a sensible measuring system.

So, I’ve laid in things to cook with.  Hmmm, pierogis?   Chinese dumplings?   Some kind of cookie definitely.

Now, everyone in Pennsylvania, no matter if they are getting 2″ or 30″ will be madly getting eggs, milk and bread.  Does that happen in other states/countries?



Not Polite Dinner Conversation – “The Snow is Very Dirty”

helluva thing to be afraid of
helluva thing to be afraid of

This is the warning they have in Beijing,  don’t touch the snow, it’s polluted. ““We suggest everybody stays indoors,” Beijing’s Meteorological Bureau said in an announcement obtained by TIME. “The snow is very dirty! The snow is very dirty! The snow is very dirty!”   This was what the US was like pre Clean Air Act.  I remember going to Pittsburgh PA when the sky was brown.  I was being taken to an allergy doctor, which you can see as a bit ironic considering the air.  I also remember being stuck in one of the tunnels for hours (Pittsburgh is ringed by hills and the tunnels were outdated even back in the 70s.  And this is 30 years later).

Care for a glass of flaming water?  Or a cup of tasty toxins?  I grew up within about 30 miles of one of the worst Superfund sites, the “Bruin Lagoon” (now cleaned up. If I recall correctly, it was number 2, and only Hanford in Washington state, a nuke site, was worse)and we can’t forget Love Canal.  I used to work in the hazardous waste clean up industry and did a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) for a list of Superfund sites back in the 90s.  The computer print out I got (in the classic greenline track fed paper) was about 6 inches thick.  It’s likely thinner now since things are being cleaned up, and there are laws against allowing such horrible destruction to happen.


now we have the arrogant and the ignorant insisting that we don’t need the EPA any more. The deplorables deserve Trump and his coterie of idiots.  Unfortunately, the rest of us will suffer too.

What the Boss Likes – Snowzilla, and a couple of pics from last summer

Update:  The aftermath.  Husband is digging out the bug.



Here I am sitting in the belly of Snowzilla, the current nor’easter battering the east coast of the US.   We have about 12 inches of snow (30.5 cm for you who have a sensible measurement system), and we still have around 10 hours of snow fall to go.  I’ll likely post more photos later to show how ridiculous it’s getting.


That’s a VW Beetle in the center.

outback-shoveled-path-01232What I’ve shoveled so far.


The wind currently whipping the curtains we have on our patio.

Now, as enamored as I am with finally getting snow, this is a bit much.  🙂    I’m sure I’ll be longing for warm weather soon.  I took the following last summer, when coleuses had self-seeded and grew everywhere.  The low angle photos make me think of an alien forest.








That’s it for now.  I’ll be posting a food post since we’ve stocked in some nice supplies to occupy ourselves while the snow piles up outside.