Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – wannabee theocrats marching in DC today

what pro-control people want women to believe
what pro-control people want women to believe

Today there is a “march for life” in Washington, DC. There are a lot of women there, who insist that they are feminists. There may be some men who also would claim this, since being a feminist isn’t limited by sex. They all declare that they are “for life”, aka against abortion and birth control.

These people want to control others, and that is all they want to do. They want to tell women that they can’t. They can’t make their own decisions. They can’t believe what they want. They can’t be trusted to be intelligent enough to know what they want. They aren’t feminists, they are wolves in sheeps clothing. Feminism isn’t about telling a woman “no”. It’s about knowing that a woman can make her own decisions and that supporting women is important.

These wannabee theocrats demand that their opinion become law, that no one may choose to disagree with them. They want women to be punished for daring to make their own decisions and not obeying them. They claim that women need their help because of a myth with a talking snake. Most, if not all of them, want their particular version of one religion to be the law of the land, conservative Christianity. Of course, they can’t agree on which version of Christianity they want. They may insist that each other is doing to hell for accepting the Pope, for not accepting the Pope, for being baptized in one way or another, being divorced or not divorced, but they are harnessed in the same yoke for this one reason, in their pure hypocrisy.

They want to claim that they are for life, but they are against anything that would help the children that they wish forced on others to live. They are for punishment and obedience. They support the murder and terrorism of those who believe different than they do. They want no assistance be given to assure that these children have healthy food and a safe home. They want to keep families from having affordable health insurance. They want no assistance given to assure that these children have a good education, no matter if they are wealthy or poor . They want none but their religion taught to these children and they want only the families they approve of to take care of these children. They depend on lying to women to convince them to have children, intentionally misleading women by how they name their services. After the uterus is vacated, they are not interested.

Caring for another isn’t important at all, only forcing a woman to bear a child she cannot support, either financially or emotionally. They pretend that their churches will help these women but every shelter everywhere is desperate for money despite that there are pages upon pages of churches and other religious organizations in the phone book. They haven’t taken care of these families so far, so why should anyone believe that they will now?

These conservative Christians prate that this god would never give a woman more than she could handle, but they turn their heads when these women harm or kill themselves and their children because they could not handle those things, no matter how much they prayed and others prayed for them. They needed real help and that real help requires that people support them through real resources, resources payed by taxes and given to everyone, not just people who agree with the taxpayers or obey the rules of a religion that has no more evidence that it is true than any other religion.

These people want to take over the government, and force their religion on everyone. For all of their false claims of being unable to make their own choices, they do their best to remove the ability to choose from others. For all of their false claims of being pro-life, they do their best to ensure that those lives suffer as much as possible.

Hypocrisy personified, when this woman thinks she is being silenced and she’s walking down streets in the nation’s capital saying  exactly what she wants.


20 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – wannabee theocrats marching in DC today

    1. don’t really know yet. what few photos I’ve seen would indicate quite a bit fewer people than the women’s march. I’m guessing that New York Times, etc will have some good photos tomorrow for the Sunday edition.


  1. and more

    It’s sad when these people try to claim that they can’t speak with their tape over their mouths, and then they are walking down the streets in the nation’s capital. they don’t seem to get that they are showing that they are intentionally lying about how “persecuted” they are.


  2. Interesting. I think you’ve managed to distinguish disease from symptom. Of course, what you say is true. The primordial difference in ideology is in the understanding of freedom and equality as citizens. The anti-abortion crowd being fundamentally opposed to people making their own decisions. That in turn leaves them at odds with the enlightenment and the founding principles of modern democracies.


  3. Do protests actually achieve anything other than offer an opportunity for letting people get their ya-yas out?

    Either way, take a look at the results of a PEW Poll conducted between Aug and Sept 2016:

    – with the exception of Catholics and Hispanics, a majority of the population views contraception as a non-moral issue; and of those that do view it as a moral issue, the majority considers it morally acceptable.

    – a smaller percentage views homosexual behavior as a non-moral issue; and of those that do view it as a moral issue, that view appears to be related to religious beliefs.

    -on abortion, however, less than 50% of every demographic considers a non-moral issue; and of those that do, a large percentage of every demographic other than unaffiliated considers it morally unacceptable.

    Based on the above observations, I’m inclined to argue that the abortion debate revolves around moral issues than religious ones.


      1. Again, I’m not so certain.What if it’s the opposite? What if it’s really a case of people using religion beliefs to support their moral opposition to abortion? Otherwise how do you account for the non-religious who oppose abortion?


      2. Scientists are planning a march for April 22nd. I’m wondering if Ron also believes they’ll be exercising the opportunity to get their ya-ya’s out?


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