Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – what could you do with $42,000?

What could you do with $42,000?   Well, my former church (you can see them here. Rather a shame that they removed the piano and organ from the sanctuary) is using it to spread their nonsense in Romania.  Not that there are poor people in western Pennsylvania that need help.

They did this once before, when I was still a Christian, sending people to Australia for the same reason.  And having known some Australians, they do assure me that there are Christians there, no Americans need to bother with flying several thousand miles to come.

Now, when you read stats about Romania, in 2011, 81% were Orthodox Christians.  Adding up the various percentages of Christianties in Romania gets you to 92% or around 18 and half million people.  It’s one of the most religious countries in Europe, but a tiny church in Pennsylvania where there is a poverty rate around 40% (plus problems with drugs) just has to go over and proselytize.

Indeed, these evangelicals are sure that the Romanian Orthodox Church is entirely wrong, “The Romanian Orthodox Church claims that over three-quarters of the population are Orthodox believers, and therefore Christians. This false claim is based on their practice of infant baptism by triple immersion, followed immediately by Chrismation (anointing with oil, through which the infant is supposed to receive the Holy Spirit). The Orthodox maintain that they alone have the truth and that the teaching of all others, including Roman Catholics, is in error. For them, to be Romanian is to be Orthodox. Evangelicals are treated as sects, along with cults like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and Children of God. Today many heretical cults are making inroads in Romania.”

Funny how they don’t see themselves just as silly as the “cults” that they attack and don’t see themselves as claiming that they only have the “truth” too.  So many Christians love to hate each other.

It just goes to show that there is nothing good about Christianity, and most Christians just want to preen at their god to show it how pious they are and display themselves in public, rather than help their fellow man.

9 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – what could you do with $42,000?

  1. Indisputably true. And if the Orthodox or Catholics resist, that would be evangelical persecution. If you don’t like our religion/denomination/cult/sect then you are a bully. Maybe they could try North Korea or (now what was the name of that island?)


  2. Much of Christianity’s history has been spent trying to get rid of one cult after another.
    As Extermination seems to be almost a Tenet of Faith, perhaps they should all be regarded as Daleks.

    BTW; I’m following your conversation on Mamapologetitcs. Does she moderate? Can’t see my comment.


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