Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – and the theists with blood on their hands

I got my hands slapped for pointing out on Facebook that Christians and Christianity and other religions have lied and are causing a disaster. I guess theists don’t like the truth that their gods aren’t real and their holy books make false promises.

We have Christians intentionally ignoring health and safety directives.   And now they are getting arrested for putting the public in danger. This will of course be lied about by them and they will insist that they are being persecuted.

They aren’t and haven’t been. They have willfully decided that their nonsense is more important than anyone’s life. They place everyone’s safety on the altar of their ignorance and selfishness.

There is no magical healing. There are no gods. We are stuck with dealing with this on our own.

Those who support such ignorant and reckless behavior have blood on their hands. It’s that simple.

‘If You’re Carrying The Virus, We Declare You Healed In Jesus’ Name’: Pastor Holds Services Despite Outbreak, Says Coronavirus Is Of Demonic Origin

Now, many Christians, and I’m sure other believers will complain and insist that one can’t judge their religion by the people practicing it. Sorry, we can and we will. Your god does nothing, and your people lie.

11 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – and the theists with blood on their hands

  1. You know, that wall of links goes a long way toward knocking down what little simple respect for other human beings I still have, which tries to hold on for dear life, in the face of religious stupidity.

    These people and most like them, are, simply put, morons. When I see evidence to the contrary I can retract that claim. I will not be holding my breath.


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