What the Boss Likes – I’m bored so I’m making masks

Here in the US, the powers that be haven’t quite decided if we should all wear masks or not.  I have little to do so here are a pair I made for my husband and myself.

I got the pattern here.  I have the fabric and a fair amount of elastic but ties could be used too.  They are just two layers of fabric, but I guess they could help.

Here’s a couple of photos of the one I made myself (and yes that’s a cat face with a mousie hanging from the mouth) and a Spider-man one for my husband.


3 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – I’m bored so I’m making masks

  1. When I last went to the store, I wore a tube (the only brand I know is buff) around my neck that I can lift up to cover my nose and mouth. It worked fine. I also wore surgical cloves, just cuz I had them. A year ago they would’ve called the cops. Now, I’m just a paranoid customer.


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