Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – and how Christians worm into US government

This isn’t surprising at all, but should be broadcast to all. There is a rather slimy Christian group called HillFaith in Washington DC. It’s run by Mark Tapscott, a former aide, editor for the Washington Examiner, part of the Daily Caller, a notorious white surpremacist website (founded by Tucker Carlson no less) and a reporter for the Epoch Times, a Chinese-based conspiracy rag.

Boy, ain’t he a great one!

Unsurprisingly, he spreads conservative lies and promises if you come to his little talk, you’ll get Chik-fil-a! Nothing like being a walking, talking stereotype.

In his latest post on his website (no comments allowed) he is shilling the amazing Christian liar Frank Turek, who is a creationist and an utterly incompetent apologist.”

“Do you have enough faith to be an atheist? Now, you may be saying to yourself “wait a minute, atheists don’t have any faith, so that’s gotta be a mis-print or some other kind of mistake.”

And it’s true, atheism is popularly understood to be the opposite of faith.

Dr. Frank Turek explains why he still doesn’t have enough faith to be an atheist.

But the reality is that the more you learn about human beings, the universe in which we live, and how it all came to be, the more difficult it becomes to remain an atheist.

Is that a skeptical look on your face?

Then plan on joining the crowd at HillFaith’s “For Hill Aides Only Monday Club” every Monday at noon starting on July 19 for the next 12 weeks at 109 2nd Street NE, right behind the Supreme Court building. That’s the Liberty & Faith town house office suite with the 10 Commandments stone in the front yard.

Each Monday will feature a 25-40 minute video of Dr. Frank Turek of addressing key aspects of the Faith vs Atheism debate, followed by a spirited discussion and Q&A led by HillFaith’s Mark Tapscott. Lunch is provided from Chik-fil-A.”

Now isn’t this sweet from Mark’s website? “

Is HillFaith partisan?

No, HillFaith is rigorously non-partisan, witnessing to and seeking to serve congressional aides and employees without regard to their employers’ partisan identification or personal leanings. Jesus is neither Democrat, nor Republican, and His life-changing Grace and Salvation are available to every person.”

ROFL Poor dears I guess they figure this doesn’t apply to them. “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers” Proverbs

13 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – and how Christians worm into US government

  1. The fundamental problem with atheist people is they cannot be trusted for any responsible post. They don’t have such fundamental principles like good and bad.


    1. ST finds they must lie again. Alas for ST, most atheists are just as moral and often more moral than theists are. At least I don’t feel I must lie like ST chooses too.

      Atheists do have fundamental principles like good and evil. They are wonderfully subjective and can get better. We aren’t stuck with the ignorance and bigotry from several thousand years ago. I don’t have to support a genocidal, ignorant petty god.


      1. Shall we mention the sheer number of “believers” that have demonstrated their lack of “fundamental principles like good and bad”?? Not only in secret, but in blazing news headlines as well.


    2. You don’t need an imaginary friend to have morality, ST. If you’re only doing the right thing because you fear punishment in the afterlife, you have an external locus of control rather than innate morality, and are therefore vulnerable to having your morality hijacked by anyone who wants to manipulate you.

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  2. how do you say that he is imaginary?. no one can imagine a person who has unlimited potencies. So, God cannot be imagined by our limited brains.


  3. How can you say that he is imaginary?. no one can imagine a person possessing unlimited attributes with our limited brains. Right?. So its a fact God is real and he is beyond our limited senses.


    1. well, this has to be one of the more ridiculous bits of nonsense that’s appeared here. Nice to see you try to use two different ways to get your idiotic comments to appear here.

      Your god is imaginary. You cannot show it exists, just like every other theist. I can easily imagine some god, and surprise they don’t exist. Nice to see how a theist can’t make a coherent argument. No dear, just because someone might not be able to imagine something doesn’t mean it exists.

      and if your god is beyond our limited senses, just what is doing all of those things in the OT when humans claim that this god is doing something. Per your argument, they can’t have been seen at all.


    2. In order for something to be a fact, ST, it has to be supported by testable evidence. Got any?

      The Bible is not evidence. It’s an unsupported assertion, and it cannot be used to support its own claims.

      If your alleged god exists and is beyond our limited senses, as you claim, that would mean that literally any human, anywhere, that tried to describe that god would automatically get it wrong.

      (Me, I’m content to have no religious faith whatsoever. To borrow a phrase from the mathematician Laplace, “Je n’avais pas besoin de cette hypothèse-là.”)

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  4. “No, HillFaith is rigorously non-partisan, witnessing to and seeking to serve congressional aides and employees without regard to their employers’ partisan identification or personal leanings”

    Wow, that’s quite a spin by Turek. A bit obvious though.

    There is a debate on YouTube between Frank Turek and Alex J. O’Connor and even though it’s on a Christian radio program, the moderator does a good job of letting both sides talk and I don’t think Frank comes out of it looking too good, especially in light of the fact that Alex was only like 18 yrs old at the time. Enjoyable discussion:


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