Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – one more theocratic Christian cult in the US

From the Washington Post:

“The church is called Mercy Culture, and it is part of a growing Christian movement that is nondenominational, openly political and has become an engine of former president Donald Trump’s Republican Party. It includes some of the largest congregations in the nation, housed in the husks of old Baptist churches, former big-box stores and sprawling multimillion-dollar buildings with private security to direct traffic on Sundays. Its most successful leaders are considered apostles and prophets, including some with followings in the hundreds of thousands, publishing empires, TV shows, vast prayer networks, podcasts, spiritual academies, and branding in the form of T-shirts, bumper stickers and even flags. It is a world in which demons are real, miracles are real, and the ultimate mission is not just transforming individual lives but also turning civilization itself into their version of God’s Kingdom: one with two genders, no abortion, a free-market economy, Bible-based education, church-based social programs and laws such as the ones curtailing LGBTQ rights now moving through statehouses around the country.

This is the world of Trump’s spiritual adviser Paula White and many more lesser-known but influential religious leaders who prophesied that Trump would win the election and helped organize nationwide prayer rallies in the days before the Jan. 6 insurrection, speaking of an imminent “heavenly strike” and “a Christian populist uprising,” leading many who stormed the Capitol to believe they were taking back the country for God.”

Apologies if you’ve read WaPo articles and this is behind the pay wall for you. Let me know.

More hateful bigots aka theocrats on the rampage. This is why I stand against theist nonsense.

12 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – one more theocratic Christian cult in the US

  1. Theist nonsense, and a mass of people who would see and worship, a new Hitler-esque regime with nuclear power. People who would take the power of the purge gleefully.

    Makes ya feel all fuzzy inside…

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  2. I wrote a post last night based on this article, but held back on publishing it, for I felt I needed to tone it down a bit, but will likely publish it in a day or two. This is … beyond horrible. If these religious fanatics have their way … well, we simply cannot allow them to, for they will disenfranchise fully 75% of the people in this country! Beware, however … there are those for whom this is the dream world … sigh.

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      1. Well, the reason for toning it down is a number, probably a majority, of my readers identify as Christians. They are good people and I don’t wish to offend them. So, I did tone it down a bit, but I don’t think that detracts from the message. I tend to rant too much sometimes.

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  3. Just like Christians could justify stoning people, burning them at the stake; men, women AND children, the Stoppado, the Inquisition, torturing people until they confess to whatever they wanted them to say, burning the bottoms of their feet, hanging them, etc., that’s how they can justify their “faith” in Fat Donald! Easy-peezy, yes-‘n-deedy! As I always say, there is NO ONE more full of shit than a Christian!

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