Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – conservative Christians losing their Sh*t over a blue furry alien puppet

Yep, folks, we have morons again losing their shit over imaginary character.

Not remembering how stupid they looked when they had a tizzy over the Teletubbies, we have complete idiots like Candace Owens (hilariously idiotic black gal who shills for conservatives) taking a fit about Gonzo the Great, a Muppet. And she isn’t the only one, here’s one, and here’s one, etc.

For those of you not familiar with Gonzo, he’s one of the Muppets, like Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, etc.

This, my friends, is Gonzo:

The blue one is Gonzo. Camilla is the chicken.

Hmmm, Gonzo the Great is a puppet or more correctly, a Muppet. As written, he (and I use that word out of simple ease) is likely a space alien, so poor Candace has no idea what sex it could be. Gonzo often has *chickens* as romantic interests. Yep, again we have conservatives showing just how stupid they really are.

Addendum: And funny how we won a world war with this:

8 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – conservative Christians losing their Sh*t over a blue furry alien puppet

  1. Well, you see, after their “daily” prayer time with the Big Guy in the Sky, they need to find something to fill their time and what better than to strike out at things that don’t wear a cross around their neck — human or otherwise.

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  2. Gonzo was/is the least offensive of all the Muppets–only Kermit himself could be less menacing. But this appears to be what the tighty Righties do; find the mildest member of a group and try to make a minster out of him.
    I’d rather be in the same room with Gonzo than in the same country with those people!


  3. Hard to imagine anyone getting their drawers in a bunch over stuff like this. But it seems the norm these days. Everybody has an axe to grind and they take turns outdoing each other.

    Not sure what it says about those who enjoy this sort of thing. Sad really. I mean, get a freaking life man!

    All I know is, I really have better things to do.

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  4. I can only shake my head and roll my eyes at the ignorance of some people. I think they are bored, so they come up with the most ridiculous things to complain about, trying to draw attention to themselves, hoping somebody will notice them. 🙄


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