Public service announcement

hard to tell if this is just satire against theists or not. But in any case, great job of showing how prayer always fails!

Random thoughts

We interrupt our irregular broadcast to bring to your attention this very important new item that reached our desk.

We will be waiting with bated breathe for this day.

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7 thoughts on “Public service announcement

  1. Isn’t the 13th also supposed to be the day Tr*mp is reinstalled as President?
    I’d almost be willing to believe in a God if neither of those things happen!


  2. But if they do not pray, will god then allow the current trend (actually over 30 years of it) to continue? Why would he/she/it? And of course, the 13th is a Friday. LOL Superstitions of all sorts.


  3. Damn. Did I miss this? The 13th came and went and I’m still an atheist. I feel like the rapture came and went and I’m still here doing laundry and walking the dog. Shouldn’t I feel something?


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