Not So Polite Dinner Conversation: balkanization? We can hope

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the conservative Christians have struck down Roe v. Wade here in the US.  They have decided to claim that it is up to the states to decide if they want to allow a woman to handle her own health care.   This is the same group that says that people can carry guns concealed in far wider places than before and no states can counter that.  Funny, hmmm?  The party that is supposedly for “states’ rights” isn’t interested in that at all when it comes to guns.  

They aren’t pro-life at all.  They are pro-theocracy, nothing more, a sad little venal group who trust, not their god, but their guns. They are just like their ignorant and vicious Muslim fellows, the Christotaliban.  I do love the pure hypocrisy.  It’ll be fun to watch the civil war when the protestants and catholics attach each other for not being “pure enough”.

Come live here in PA, where at least we have a chance of being theocrat-free, and relatively free of most natural disasters, including climate change. I also personally vow to help, as I can, anyone who needs an abortion. Fuck you, wannabee theocrats. This is a lovely example of how impotent their poor lil’ god is, needing puny humans, to advocate for something it never mentioned.

I will guess that we are watching the beginnings of the balkanization of the US.  Texas has threatened to secede.   I wish them luck, since they suck on the federal teat more than most. 

addendum: now what will the QOP have to lie about and whip their idiots into a frenzy over? Immigration? People of color? Jews?

6 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation: balkanization? We can hope

  1. What they don’t get is; By forcing everyone to have babies, the minorities will overwhelm these white Christian theocrats in relatively short time. Now we know why they want all those voting restrictions, but fortunately, they will be overwhelmed. Try as they may, they are not going to stop progress. Time for these dinosaurs to become extinct. I hope I’m still around when the time comes.

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      1. That is true. I think these idiots shot themselves in the foot, in doing this before the midterm general election. They could have waited until the spring of ’23, but they didn’t and now people are angry.

        We also get to see that conservative Christians lie under oath. So much for their religion, swearing before their god and all.


    1. My thoughts exactly. There will be more poor minority babies, more abused children born into homes they are not wanted in and if they do away with birth control, this will only increase. I guess since they also don’t want to help poor people and children with social programs, they’ll just let I’m die.


      1. exactly. on my latest blog post, I point out that the people who wnat these children are the anti-choice people. Thus they are now personally responsible for every single child whose mother would have gotten an abortion and couldn’t. if they don’t put out with education, housing, food, healthcare, etc, then they should be considered child abusers.

        Of course, they’ll refuse, being the utter assholes they are.

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