Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – No rights for the Godless

Unsurprisingly, we get to see yet one more Christian theocrat and her lies. Caroline has a problem. She claims “But many others believe every human being, born and unborn, has an intrinsic right to life that supersedes any declared right to abortion.”

Her god doesn’t share that belief at all. This god kills children and require that wombs be ripped open to destroy what is inside. We also have this god killing David’s son for no fault of his own.

CAroline also says “Without God, we have no unalienable rights by virtue of our humanity. All our rights are determined and given arbitrarily by those in power, and as such, are neither guaranteed nor irrevocable.”

Actually, per Christians like Caroline, we don’t have any rights when it comes to this god. She and others claim that this god can do whatever it wants because it is powerful aka God. Per Caroline’s belief, all rights are determined and given arbitrarily by those in power and as such are neither guaranteed nor irrevocable.

Funny how Caroline wants to take most of those rights above in that lovely lil’ meme away.

a reasonable faith

It’s a rights free-for-all these days. Rights are in conflict with other rights; rights are being conferred and rights are being confiscated. And a lot of folks are feeling fairly frantic about it.

Can a right be legitimately taken away? Yes, and no. It depends on what kind of right it is and how we obtained it. If you as a parent decide that your 16-year-old has the right to stay out till midnight then discover that he’s been getting into trouble, you have the right to revoke his right. Because you are the one who gave it to him.

But what about those “certain unalienable rights” referred to in our Declaration of Independence? Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. They are ours not by fiat but as fundamental to our humanity. Who gave them to us? Or did anyone?

Of course, if they were conferred on us by someone…

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