What the Boss Likes – our foster kitty

We have a foster momma cat and soon to have kittens. She showed up in our garden. I had thought she was a male kitty, thanks to a couple of fluffs of fur on her butt but she had a secret. Her name, for the moment, is Cleo. She’s a classic tabby with the whorls of color on her sides, rather than the stripes like most of our others. Once the kittens can eat on their own, the Humane Society will take them so they can find homes.

I also was able to remove a kitty from an idiot neighbor, and took her to the Humane Society. It broke my heart that I couldn’t keep her, but the very nice people at the shelter said she would be okay since she was young and friendly. I am a misanthrope with reason.

And a picture of our goofy cat Apollo who is sleeping under the coffee table.

13 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – our foster kitty

    1. I think we’ll have kittens within a week. I had made arrangements to have the pregnancy terminated but the earliest appointment I could get was next Thursday. So, it seems we’ll have little ones around for about 8 weeks after birth.

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  1. Whatever you do — Don’t. Name. The. Kittens! πŸ˜€

    It was 20 years ago that we adopted a pregnant ladycat who was in our back yard. She was so tiny that we thought that maybe she was carrying one or two babies. She had five. And we named them. And we kept them. Yes, all five of them. And Mom, too. (We did get them all neutered/spayed, though.)

    It’s been six years now since we lost the last of them, but I still fondly remember that furry little flashmob sprawled on my couch.

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  2. Oh I love cats! Cleo is a beauty. Will you be keeping her? Do you have others? It’s wonderful that you rescue them.


    1. She is quite the lovely girl. We currently have 8 cats, 6 who are a mommma cat and her 5 kittens (who are now three times her size), and two others, brought in on a nasty Thanksgiving Eve sleet storm, a black boy and a gray and white boy. All fixed. I’ve had cats ever since I can really remember, and they pretty much have been this introvert’s best friends.

      Not sure if we’ll be keeping Cleo or not, though my husband is rather taken with her. She even lets us gently rub her very round belly. πŸ˜€


  3. Many, MANY years ago I owned cats, but rarely more than 1-2 at a time. The last cat I had was a Siamese and I have said -IF- I ever got another cat, it would have to be another Siamese. As it is, my other-half is deathly allergic to cats (he has severe asthma) so NO cats for us.


    1. When I was young, I had a blue point. She would sleep under the covers with me, by my knees so i have no idea how she could breathe. I’ve had some friends who were really allergic and had to make sure no cat contact before visiting them.

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