Not So Polite – you’d think they’d learn, yet another set of “questions for atheists”

Update: Unsurprisingly, Dr. Brown hasn’t actually dealt with any of the many responses he was given. Back in July 2022, he offers quite an excuse that he’ll real soon now get back to us. It’s January 1, 2023 when I’m writing this.

This is no surprise since christians don’t seem to actually want real atheists to respond. —

So, a Jewish fellow, actually a Christian, since he is one of those “jews for jesus” ignoring how Jesus failed as the messiah, has asked yet more questions of atheists. (I’m found this nonsense on Bruce’s blog)They always claim not to be asking to shore up their faith or being antagonistic, etc. This has never been the case in my experience but we’ll go with this as it is offered.   I’m also going to guess that Brown has never ever read a single counter-apologetic.   If he had, then he’d not have needed to ask these questions.  I’m guessing also that Brown only wants ask question so he can play the martyr.  I could be wrong, but these things usually end with whines of “but but you didn’t respect me!” 

Damn right I didn’t. 

“First, would you say that you are (or, were) an atheist based primarily on intellectual study or based on experience? Or did you never believe in God at all?”

Both study and experience.   I was a Christian, read the bible, realized it was no more true than other myths.   The fact that there is no evidence for any of the essential events in it is part of the reason I don’t believe the claims of Christians, including you (I find your need to claim you are a Jew who follows Christ amusing since the Jewish messiah doesn’t need a do-over per the prophecies. The website Jews for Judaism is a nice read).  I also know that Christians don’t agree on much of anything about their religions, so there is no reason to not think you are making all of this up.   The bible says true believers of this supposed messiah can do certain things and unsurprisingly, you can’t. 

After the question, you try to use some standard tactics to excuse why you religion doesn’t work, like blaming “organized” religion, which is just religion.  You also try the “oh you were just angry because this god didn’t give you want you want” excuse to try to claim that atheists only realize that religion is nonsense because of emotional reasons.

“Second, would you say that even as an atheist, you still have a sense of purpose and destiny in your life, a feeling that you were put here for a reason and that you have a mission to accomplish? Or is it primarily people of faith who feel like this, since we are simply the products of an unguided, random evolutionary process?”

Yep, have plenty of purpose in my life.  I make my own.  Don’t need a “destiny”.  I’m not that sadly needy to pretend I’m ever-so special.  Alas, for you, I’m not here randomly. You show that you have no idea what evolutionary theory says.  It isn’t “random” or “unguided” in the way you tries to pretend.   When theists attack evolutionary theory, they should actually know what it is rather than choosing to intentionally lie or remain willfully ignorant. 

“Third, would you say that you are 100 percent sure there is no such being as God – meaning, an eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing being? Or would you say that, for all practical purposes you have concluded that this God does not exist, although it is impossible to prove such a negative with absolute certainty?”

Yep, I am 100% sure that any god described by humans is entirely imaginary.  These has distinct attributes that can be proven or disproven.  There is no evidence for such nonsense. We have no evidence that any of the supposed events caused by said magical being happened.  What we do have is at any date claimed by a Christian, we can show that entirely different things were happening.  So evidence of absence and absene of evidence.  Now, if you want to make up some vague and baseless claims as your god, then it becomes harder for you to show it exists at all.  Can you?  I’ll be waiting for an answer to that. 

“Fourth, do you believe that science can provide answers for many of the remaining mysteries of the universe, including: how the universe began (including where matter came from and where the Big Bang derived its energy); the origin of life; and DNA coding?”

Here, your assumption is that humans will never do another bit of research so your baseless claims about your god will remain untouched.  Even if we never figure out various things, there still is no evidence for your god.  Most if not every religion claims that its god/gods were the creator, and gee, not one of them can show this, despite most of them claiming “look the universe *my* god did that”.  

And yes, I do think that humans will figure out most of these things.  Then you and those like you will have to make up excuses yet again, with those gaps you need for your god growing smaller every day. 

You also seem to forget that DNA constantly screws up.  This would make your god incompetent. You may try to claim that the “fall” caused DNA to screw up, but this would show that Christian claims of “fine-tuning” would be impossible to see if the “fall” screwed up reality. 

Dr. Brown, these questions stump no one at all, so don’t be concerned about that. 

“Fifth, have you had any experiences in life that caused you to question your atheism? Has something happened to you that seemed genuinely supernatural or otherworldly? Or have you been confronted with some information that shook your atheistic foundations, such as a scientific argument for intelligent design? If so, how have you dealt with such doubts to your atheism?”

Nope, no magic exists so no magic experiences.  I can pretty much guarantee that the supposed events you and your wife supposedly had are nothing special at all.  It is notable you didn’t tell what they were, but just made vague claims. 

The argument for “intelligent design” is hilariously incompetent and not scientific at all.  It is just creationism dressed up in lies.  I live near the place where the Kitzmiller vs Dover court decision came from.  It’s notable that the book that the creationists tried to use had a lovely misprint in it “cdesign propentists”, since their find and replace missed where they were trying to change creationist to “intelligent design”.  Interesting when theists like you try to lie so poorly. 

“Sixth, are you completely materialistic in your mindset, meaning, human beings are entirely physical, human consciousness is an illusion, and there is no spiritual realm of any kind? Or are you superstitious, reading horoscopes or engaging in new age practices or the like?”

Completely materialist.   No evidence for magic. 

“Seventh, if you were convinced that God truly existed – meaning the God of the Bible, who is perfect in every way, full of justice and mercy, our Creator and our Redeemer – would that be good news or bad news? And would you be willing to follow Him and honor Him if He were truly God?”

The god of the bible is no different from the other bronze/iron age gods of the time.  This god is demonstrably not “perfect in every way, full of justice and mercy, our creator and redeemer”.   I’ve read the bible so false claims from Christians are easy for me to see. 

Let’s look at what this god does in the bible.  This god intentionally prevents Adam and Eve (A&E) from knowing what good and evil are.  Then this god either allows evil in or can’t keep it out.  This god then blames A&E, throws a tantrum and curses all mankind for the actions of two rather than explaining and forgiving.  This demonstrates quite a lack of justice and mercy.  And I’m not even out of Genesis yet.  We also have this god killing children for no fault of their own; committing genocide and accepting girls as sex slaves; telling slaves to never seek their freedom, etc.  A god so petty to need to kill/eternally torture those that disagree with it is a failure.  I have far higher moral standards than those of this god.  I might believe in it if there was evidence for it, but I’d never worship such a vicious ignorant thing.  If I was going to be a theist, there are far better gods claimed to exist. 

Now, Dr. Brown, what would it take for you to not believe in the version of this god you worship?   

10 thoughts on “Not So Polite – you’d think they’d learn, yet another set of “questions for atheists”

  1. “Sixth, are you completely materialistic in your mindset, meaning, human beings are entirely physical, human consciousness is an illusion, and there is no spiritual realm of any kind?”

    Wow does this guy bake a lot of assumptions right into his questions! So dishonest.

    On this one I’d reply that we are material beings living in a material world, and the material world is the only thing that we are able to investigate. Human consciousness is the activity of a functioning human brain, the same way a flame is the activity of a burning candle. Any “spiritual realm” that exists would have to interact with our physical world in some way for us to know anything about its existence. If it had any interaction, we could investigate and verify that. (And so far, all our serious investigations into claimed spiritual stuff have verified doodley-squat). And if it has no interactions at all, then it’s unknowable to us, and so whether it exists or not is irrelevant to us.

    But he’s not really interested in our answers to these questions, anyway. He’s just trying to get to a “gotcha atheist” point so he can try find a gap to wedge his nonsense into and claim victory.

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  2. Nicely done. I am a bit surprised that you let him off so easy.
    I jotted my answers down for fun:
    1. Yes.
    2. Yes (but I wasn’t “put here” nor were you); part 2 of question 2: Dunno.
    3. No.
    4. Yes.
    5. This is four questions: Yes. No. No. N/A.
    6. No and no.
    7. N/A.
    Well, that was fun, but I have the feeling nothing has changed anywhere in the Universe. 🙂

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  3. Since you seem to post comments without reading my articles and then vanish like a fart in a hurricane, I’ve decided to offer the courtesy of making sure you saw that I not only read your latest comment, but I replied. Next time you stop by my blog, please answer my metaphysical query. It’s keeping me up at night.
    I said this:

    Clubby, you sad cat lady in training,
    I’m tempted to edit out your stupid comments again, but instead I want to try and pretend that you’re capable of grade school level discussions and ask a question I expect you will refuse to answer because it demands you think for once:

    WHY do you bother? Why come here and say something stupid that communicates NOTHING except your own hostility and ignorance?

    you make NO POINT.
    you offer NO ARGUMENT.
    You only, in this case, show up to BE THE THING I’m writing about. YOU are the fart in the car, Clubby.
    do you not have any hobbies? Can’t you find a bowling alley? Do you not own golf clubs? Does your laptop not come with solitaire?
    And are you TRULY- REALLY so stupid as to think you have made a point outside of your own bitterness and childishness?
    Just explain to me why you think it’s worth it to show up here and leave a comment which can do nothing but make you look like an idiot. I really want to know why you do it, because I cannot begin to guess as to why you and other people come here to fart in my car.


    1. well, folks, this is Orange, who is quite an hilarious failure, and typical theist liar. I figured I’d allow his post through as yet another example of a Christain who can’t show that I’m wrong, and only has attempts to be insulting. He forgets that his insults only work if someone thinks his opinion is valid.

      I guess that orange doesn’t like that someone in this universe knows he is wrong and bothers to write that down. Alas for him, I do make points and arguments, and no matter how much he whines, they don’t disappear.

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    2. This is a response I made on orange’s blog. He asked me for this. Now, I’m going to guess he won’t let it out of moderation. I could be wrong.

      And here we go again with Orange trying to lie and claim he isn’t trying to be insulting. I do wonder, orange, do you think your god is stupid enough to believe that lie you are tell it too (assuming it exists)? You are trying to be insulting and failing as usual. You are doing no one any favors.

      I do love that all you have are hilarious whines. Evidently, you aren’t able to figure out that someone who comments is saying that what they are commenting *on* is a lie. *Everything* you said in your claims that atheists somehow can’t communicate is a lie. You can’t show that any of your claims are true. You have no evidence, just false claims made to vilify atheistsd since you cannot show one instance of your accusations being accurate. Is this simply enough put for you, dear?

      now, to amuse myself, I’ll go into far more detail:

      1. 1. Stop being rude.

      Aka “please please don’t show I’m wrong”. Christians try to claim people who show them wrong are “rude”, trying so very hard to hide behind issues of politeness when they can’t defend their baseless claims. This is an attempt to pretend that they are a martyr.

      2. MAKE A CASE.

      Atheists makes cases, but the theist must falsely claim they do not, in order to pretend that they do not have to present evidence for their baseless claims. This is simply an attempt to keep the theist’s willful ignorance intact.

      3. Remember that the validity of an argument is NOT determined by the messenger or medium.

      The validity of the argument is based on the evidence presented, and the theist has none. I do love the lie that somehow atheists only come to conclusions because they don’t like the baseless claim made by the theist. This is a common lie by a theist, insisting that atheists only have “feelings” about things, not evidence and reason to counter the lies of the theist.

      4. Ask more questions- as opposed to making these ridiculous, unsubstantiated claims.

      This is the theist desperate hope that the atheist has no evidence and that the atheist can’t know that the theist is wrong. There is no need to ask questions, when the theist’s claim is simply a lie. Poor orange tries to hope that atheists are ignorant about his claims which they are not. Then he tries so very hard to invoke feelings to convince the atheist that they might look foolish if they counter him. Happily, we don’t look foolish and orange is only appealing to fear and ignorance, like Christianity always does.

      5. Or just stop leaving comments on other people’s blogs.

      again, this is just “please please please don’t show us to be wrong”.

      I guess poor orange can’t comprehend English when he doesn’t want to. Again, I’ve told him why I post rebuttals of his lies, even though I know he is a coward and will try to lie about them or not let them show publically at all. I do it to let him know that someone in the universe knows he is a liar. I will add to that if I know he’s a liar, his god knows too, if it exists. I’m quite happy to be the gadfly. It’s quite easy to block posts. If he has no idea how, I can help him. Alas, there is no fart, there is no car, and orange fails with his choice to lie about others, ignoring his own god. My posts don’t make me look like an idiot at all. That false claim is just the whine of a Christian who can’t counter my points. Poor orange can’t make any points, can’t make any arguments, he just has attempts at being insulting. How curious that he *does* what he accuses me of.

      this is a bit of an addition. Poor orange is upset that people fart in his car. Alas, his analogy doesn’t work since a public blog that allows comments isn’t analogous to a car, which is an enclosed private object. That a theist’s analogy fails isn’t anything new.


      1. That’s not what I asked. I left the actually question I wanted you to answer on another post. Please read it carefully before replying this time. Thank you.


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