What the Boss Likes – kittens!

Cleo has finally given birth, on July 12-13. This isn’t the greatest picture but you can see the four new baby cats. There are two orange tabbies and 2 dark ones. They all seem to be the classic tabby like their mom. Cleo and kittens seem to all be fine.

10 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – kittens!

  1. Good afternoon Clubby!
    Yes, I deleted your last comment on my page because you apparently didn’t read the comment from me you thought you were replying to. For some reason you thought I had asked you to reply to the article you were commenting under. I did not. I asked you to tell me the following about ALL of your comments- not just the ones on that one article:

    WHY do you bother? Why come here and say something stupid that communicates NOTHING except your own hostility and ignorance? you make NO POINT. you offer NO ARGUMENT.
    (NOTE: This is not the issue up for debate. Merely asserting that “*Everything* you said in your claims that atheists somehow can’t communicate is a lie.” is not an argument and it makes no point. Also, it is irrational. So your attempt to reply to that is not the discussion. The question is WHY are you coming to leave your comments when it takes you time and effort to do it, but you refuse to take the time and effort to make a point or make an argument.)

    do you not have any hobbies? Can’t you find a bowling alley? Do you not own golf clubs? Does your laptop not come with solitaire?

    See, here I am offering other things you can do to kill the time between now and what your religion teaches is mindless oblivion, because I can only imagine that, were I part of your silly religion, I certainly would not spend the fleeting little time I have between now and oblivion leaving meaningless hateful jabs on the blogs of Christians. I would be doing something else, and yet, you keep coming back to leave these meaningless comments on my blog merely to be hateful, and I CANNOT understand how you justify it to yourself. When you say to yourself, “I can either do [ANYTHING ELSE] or I can take a few minutes to tell A Bit of Orange that I hate him and think he has character flaws” WHY do you not do the ANYTHING else? THAT is what I really want to know. WHY is this worth it to you?

    HOW DO YOU JUSTIFY THIS TO YOURSELF? I honestly, in all sincerity, with no sarcasm at all, cannot begin to imagine how you convince yourself that this is worth doing as you race toward the end of your brief existence.

    I really want to know why you do it, because I cannot begin to guess as to why you and other people come here to fart in my car. I keep asking, but so far no atheist has even tried to tell me. They come, they fart, they leave and fart in some other Christian’s car AND WE DON’T KNOW WHY YOU DO IT. PLEASE EXPLAIN IT TO US.

    I await your thoughtful explanation with eager anticipation.


    1. as usual, orange is demonatrating he is nothingsurprising, most christians are liars and failure. I’ve explained to you, and you are a coward who won’t show that explanation. I do love a Christian who thinks his god is too stupid notice his lies.


  2. Vel, please “disappear” my comment regarding clubs, and this one as well – I misread and thought Agent Orange was “Clubby,” when the toxic little thing was referring to you. 😦


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