What the Boss *doesn’t* like – whee, I have Covid

So, I’ve joined millions in getting Covid. So far, just a cough, a headache, slight sore throat and runny nose. The only one happy about this is one pesky cat named Hera who is taking advantage of me sitting still.

My lines are nice and strong, which may mean I’m more infectious than some. Ugh. Well, good I’ve been saving up some movies to watch.

13 thoughts on “What the Boss *doesn’t* like – whee, I have Covid

  1. Been there, done that. We both got it back in January 2019 before it had been recognized for what it was. Then this past June-July, we both got it again … fairly mild cases since it was most likely the Omicron variant. In any event, it’s pretty evident this nasty stuff is NOT going to go away anytime soon.

    Take care of yourself and follow all the recommended steps … you know, rest, drink plenty of liquids, etc., etc. And enjoy your movies. πŸ˜‰


  2. Hard to click ‘like’ but I hope you perk up soon. Glad for your mild symptoms. I have not had COVID or anything else germ-related since this all started. Could it be the mask and playing keep away?

    But, I have been hospitalized 3 or 4 times for other things (all good now) during the pandemic.

    Like Nan said, get well. πŸ™‚

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    1. that’s good. my aunt, who has is in part of our family who has the genetic disease alpha 1 antitrysin deficiency (aka genetic emphysema) managed to get covid on a hospital visit for a cut that wouldn’t stop bleeding. amazingly, she survived thanks to the vaccine.

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  3. Rest up, enjoy the movies. Treat it like what it is, an unpaid vacation. Might as well enjoy what you can of it.

    We here, have been spared thus far, except for my youngest son who had it early on. At least as far as we know. Hell with mild cases you might need a few tissues to blow your nose, and feel a little tired, which could be any regular freaking day these days. We are overdue for the 3rd booster. Need to do that…

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    1. I was looking to schedule the booster the day I started feeling symptoms so too little too late for me. But I gotta get one, plus the flu and maybe the shingles on, being of a “certain age”. πŸ™‚


  4. Sadly, CS, My wife and I are in day 12 of our first case of Covid. She is actually 1 day ahead of me and is feeling somewhere better than I however I am definitely in better shape than just a few days ago.

    Let’s see, I’ve watched 2 full seasons of “Rome”, 4 seasons of “Deadwood”, about 187 YouTube videos, and read dozens of newspapers. Basically, it sucks.

    Good luck, I’ll hope for a speedy recovery for you.

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    1. oh man, 12 days, ugh. I think I must have gotten lucky then with only a couple days of misery, still feel kinda woozy, but I don’t know if that’s the virus or the dextromethorphan. I watched Gone with the Wind, a bunch of Vincent Price movies, some of what my husband calls geology porn, etc.


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