What the Boss Likes – back from a trip

Well, I’m back from my second psychonaut experience, courtesy of Yuggoth Pharmaceuticals.   My first was with salvia, and that was a brief perception of the world being made of “twizzlers”, aka thin strands of licorice.   And then nothing until I suddenly became aware again. 

This one was quite a bit different.  I can remember most of it.   A combination of the textures of puffed wheat and twigs, it was a bit of a task to ingest the fungi.  But with a cup of coffee, the couple of grams went down.  About an hour afterward, I could start to see rainbow patterns when I closed my eyes.  Then I could see a little trail of rainbow around most things that moved, including the kittens. 

The floor tile got my attention.  It is randomly brown, gray and white, an attempt to be stone-like.  I could see the colors shifting and then I suddenly could see skulls.  Thinking to myself that they weren’t scary, they took on the appearance of being the skulls of humanity’s ancestors, receding into the past. 

Now, during this, I could simply look away from the “vision” and everything was fine.  I was able to tend the sticky buns that were going to into the oven in a little while, feed the cats, etc.  I did find it funny since I could see the tiles moving rather like the one episode of “That 70’s Show” when Eric could see the wallpaper moving. It really does feel like that!

I decided to turn on the TV and went out to Netflix to watch a very nifty set of videos called Moving Art.  They are films of natural scenes, put to ambient music and artfully altered just enough to accentuate them e.g. slowing down the fall of rain, the crash of a wave, etc.

Watching these, I could feel the trip deepen, with time feeling slower and having an urge to giggle.  I also couldn’t look at anything in the video without seeing faces in it.   The cliff faces, the waves, the ripples, clouds, all were faces, often feminine or aged men, which was rather disconcerting, but when I looked away from the video, the living room was just fine.   

I then started seeing snakes/dragons/feathered serpents in the video, not threatening at all, just snakes but in a more than mundane way, much more seeing the ideal of “Snake”.   The video that was on a that time was a lovely fly over of Iceland, and the swirls of lava flows and streams gave a lot of fuel to those images.  I, being the myth soaked gal I am, of course thought of the midgard serpent, kundalini, the snake shedding its skin, etc. 

In amongst this, my husband took care of the sticky buns, and I had one, which was interesting since the caramelized sugar was a little too fascinating as a texture. 

Things became a little more disassociated, and I started to feel very cold. Right now, Pennsylvania is in the current artic cold that has been sweeping the US.  After wrapping myself up in various robes, afghans (the crocheted blanket) I just couldn’t get warm. I ended up in our bed, which has a heated mattress pad.  It seems I created my own personal little sweat lodge.  I don’t really remember any dreams, but woke up slowly with the thought that I didn’t need to borrow any ideas from any other culture than my own to have a mythos and I didn’t need to feel that I was always standing outside of everything, just observing.  My mythos for myself was enough, and if it included Bugs Bunny and jazz, that was just fine. 

After a long hot, and then cold, shower, I do feel much better than I’ve felt for a long time.  It does feel like this snake has shed her skin and can see things more clearly now.  What I find entirely too amusing is that I pulled a tarot card after all of this, and I got the knight of wands.  This can signify travel, adventure and coming back from a trip with more clarity.   I use the cards as a way to focus my thoughts but sometimes the universe seems to be just too interested in making things seem weird. 

So, take this as you will, from a hard atheist who is entirely too concretely minded. Did I see any “gods”? Nope, but it does seem to make your brain go places it generally wouldn’t otherwise.  I would recommend this experiment to most folks.  Do make sure you have a good minder around. 

now this is the kind of holiday tradition I think I’ll keep. 🙂

9 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – back from a trip

    1. since I’m severely risk adverse, it took me a while to decide to try them. but I was feeling very depressed even with my meds and felt I needed to do something.

      last night I had a good sleep, the first in a long time where I didn’t have bad dreams where I was lost or trapped somewhere, or wake up at 2:30 in a state of terror.


  1. Maybe with the right dose you’d finally understand the talking donkey? 😁
    Never tried anything like this but I am certainly interested. Good on you for stretching your logical boundaries.


    1. I probably did ask them a question, but I don’t recall any answers from them. It could be that they did answer, my brain is so fried by this idiot job I have, I can’t keep anything straight. Nothing like a toxic workplace.


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