Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – when a cult has to turn to marketing “He gets us”

$100,000,000 paid for advertising jesus, called “He Gets Us.” including at the super bowl, that utterly ridiculous bit of American nonsense where idiots run around after a ball.   Not that there isn’t tens of thousands of churches everywhere in the US, plus hundreds of radio stations and TV channels. It’s not like we don’t know what they are selling, each and every contradictory sect of Christianity.

Hmm, I wonder which sect is the one that they want everyone to agree with? Of course, not all Christians are happy with this, since they all have different claims about their “truth”. Here we have a gal who is quite upset that people aren’t required to make “statements of faith”, to make sure the wrong people don’t get in. “However, there is no theological criteria or statement of faith that churches must adhere to in order to take part.”

And rather than help people, these conservative Christians, choose to do this.  A false claim about how nice this imaginary character is, whilst ignoring that their entire religion is based on this god/jesus killing anyone who doesn’t agree with it. 

No, dear Christians, your imaginary messiah doesn’t “get us”.  Not at all.   Happily, this vicious ignorant being doesn’t exist and no one needs it.  You are just a cult who is at the end of its existence, trying desperately to recruit more members to keep your leaders employed and your worthless buildings filled. This particular version is just a bunch of conservatives who want the US to be theocracy. It’s no surprise that the twits who own Hobby Lobby, are part of this nonsense. The Servant Foundation is the one taking their and plenty of others’ money.

11 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – when a cult has to turn to marketing “He gets us”

      1. Eagles had a good run this year. Could go all the way.

        I’m a fan of the game, I enjoy good competetive games regardless of what teams are on the field.

        The teams I do have any emotional investment in, almost every damn time, manage to piss me off for going backwards instead of forwards, or stupid penalties on defense that allow the other team better field position than they managed to earn. I’d much rather watch a game I have no favorites in.


  1. I know people love their sports, but all the multi-millions (billions?) spent on athlete’s contracts and super bowl ads could put an end to homelessness and hunger in this land of ours. I go into the bible panning for gold, as I like to view it. I pull out what is beneficial, relatable and relevant to people from all walks of life and belief systems and let the silt fall through. I hone in on the helpful (to all of humankind) messages that jump at me as the messages the authors were trying to convey. 😊✌️🖖


    1. Agreed. I just don’t get the reason to pay people millions for playing with a ball.

      unfortunately, in my opinion, there isn’t much “gold” there and what there is, was around much earlier and lacked the dross attached.

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