Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Dungeons and Dragons is in the news, now what will the christians do?

If you are of an age like mine, you remember Dungeons and Dragons, and the fit that some Christians took about it back in the 70s. This is of course when they were also taking a fit about rock music and other things too, including predicting the end of their world with their sadistic little fantasies.

They took it upon themselves to lie about the game, and the players and lied to their own people to scare them deeper into their cult. The Jack Chick tracts were notorious, with their claims of suicide, etc. Here’s a video about them:

Well, now D&D is back in a big budget movie and it seems that it isn’t nearly so bad now for at least some christians. The younger ones don’t remember the hysteria, it seems, and I’m guessing that the older Christians hope no one remembers how their lies failed. It’s always embarrassing when your cult’s claims are shown as the nonsense they are.

Here’s a christian review of the movie (which is out on March 31st). And the wiki entry for it, just in case you are curious.

2 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Dungeons and Dragons is in the news, now what will the christians do?

  1. I’m nerdy enough to have played a bit of D&D at a time in my life.

    It doesn’t appear to have caused any ill side effects.

    The x-ians, and all religions in general, always have something to rail against. It’s part of the schtick. “Keep em stirred up and pissed off.” The Faux News mantra. Angry people are much more easily manipulated towards a cause. And boy are they angry!

    They hate the Jews, the gays, the trans, the people who play D&D, rock music, atheists, knowledge, science, astronomy/geology/evolution, womens rights, anyone with a tint of brown or black skin, anyone who might call for equal rights among race, and anyone who dares to be different. Not like them.

    You know, bigoted, hateful assholes. It’s a wonder they aren’t killing each other. Oh yeah, they still do!

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