Not So Polite Conversation – a new follower and other things

I seem to have a new follower called “Evangelist Sam Davis”, at “The Spoken Word” blog. His blog seems to be quite new. All he has on it is this nonsense:

“Anybody that is racist and different destroys that would be the democratic party and the Democratic Party knows it is racist and hates America and tries to be very divisive”. He also follows the nonsense on Gettr, a rather sad trumpee/magat attempt at Twitter populated by the usual failures. It was started by Jason Miller, a classic QOP nitwit, fathering children out of wedlock, you know, all sorts of “family values”.

This should be fun to see if Sam decides to comment.

On to other things…

It wasn’t too surprising that the QOP lied about veterans supposedly be kicked out of hotels by immigrants. For all the wannabee nazis whine about veterans, they do their best to cut funding for anything that helps them. Laura Ingraham, a well known Fox News liar, had to issue an admission that she used a lie, and she hilariously claims she just has no idea why anyone would have made such a thing up. For more info, you can click here: Fox News Stoked Outrage Over Migrants Displacing Homeless Vets. It Was a Hoax.

Amazing how these TrueChristians(tm) just can’t stop lying.

The orange former occupant seems likely to be sued again by the woman he attacked, because he’s simply too stupid to shut up. It must just be such a fun job to be that idiot’s lawyer, but they dont’ seem to swift either.

Seems there was an idiot who drove a truck into barriers at the white house. Sai Varshith Kandula is the fellow, so I do wonder if these nitwits even know what Nazis beleived.

well, so much for now. I’m sure there’ll be another mass shooting here in the US just any time now.

16 thoughts on “Not So Polite Conversation – a new follower and other things

  1. I’m 64. Up until the Trump era began, I still had hope for our country to continue the progress and strides made in the later 20th century. At this point, I think that Christian nationalists have helped doom the world with their nonsense beliefs and desire to force everyone to follow their beliefs. Oh, and the Republicans who are arm and arm with them, helping them to destroy human rights. Oh wait, they don’t think LGBTQ+ rights or women rights ARE human rights.


  2. I have a few Christians who like to follow me. I’m not exactly sure why… but some of them like to try and change my mind somehow. Quite futile really.


    1. Interestingly enough, I have several believers that “follow” my blog, but few ever let their presence be known (outside of Arnold … who goes “everywhere’). Not sure whether they’re afraid of being attacked … or maybe they’re actually looking for an escape route from their Christian prison since many of my posts point out the futility of believing.

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      1. I certainly wish I had blogs like mine when I was wrestling with the whole religion thing and that’s why I do it now. To know that other people thought and felt like me would have been sooooo nice.

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  3. “It wasn’t too surprising that the QOP lied about veterans supposedly be kicked out of hotels by immigrants.”

    Yeah, Republican tactic, spew garbage to ears of their faithful, let it travel at the speed of light. Get corrected days later but the Republican faithful have already been indoctrinated and are too stupid and lazy to follow up.


  4. Love the pic! And it’s implication šŸ˜‰

    Social media has become a cesspool of ignorant shit. Absolutely amazing, there are so many idjits out there, of so many stripes, that unquestioningly believe in utter nonsense. Nor do they have sense enough to verify claims before they are accepted, believed, and shared with other idjits.

    It’s like they all think they have some super secret insight to the truth, and only they know what’s going on. If it wasn’t such a threat to society, and democracy, it would be hilarious. it should be hilarious. These people should be laughed off the planet.

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      1. A rapture insurance company ought to do well. You know, someone to take care of the pets, turn off the oven, sort out their bills and whatnot.

        No matter how pious the fuckers might be, I’ll bet you a nickel they wouldn’t invest in such a venture. Which, would make me believe that deep down, they know it’s all just play acting to impress the other pious fuckers.

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  5. I might find your arguments with ā€œEvangelist Sam Davisā€ entertaining, but he seems poorly equipped. Just another knucklehead in a sea of mindless weeds.


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