What the Boss Likes – ridiculing fascists

Yet more wannabee nazis were marching around Washington DC a couple of days ago. And gee, they were in white masks, just like any good klansman would be. Always fun to see just how cowardly these poor lil’ idiots are.

A fellow did a good job of ridiculing them.

“Bicyclist brings white supremacists low with skilled heckling”

and more tasty goodness from Django Unchained with the poor dears of the KKK being made fools of:

12 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes – ridiculing fascists

  1. You may have left God, but you are on his side. It is horrifying to watch hatred like this rise up to where it is becoming acceptable. I shudder to see what is happening all over the world. The harm the Republicans have done to women by overturning Roe vs Wade is hard to believe. To top it all off they don’t want women on contraceptives! When I first read that I thought, “It can’t be true! Now, in 2023?” I guess they want all women to have 10 kids each or something. Hust fucking unbelievable. Anyway, keep up the good fight although I don’t believe we will win down here on this earth. Things like this, and global warming is why Jesus will return to get us out of here. I hope it’s okay for me to comment on your blog?


    1. You may comment on my blog. I rarely ban someone, and I always respond.

      I am no fan of Christianity. I’m happily not on the side of your god, which is described as a genocidal lunatic, killing people for the actions of others and telling slaves to never seek their freedom.

      This god is no friend of women either. I have no need for a religion that is based on a god that has women as property, or, at best, second class citizens.

      I agree that the republicans have done much harm and are quite stupid when it comes to birth control.

      Happily, the sadistic fantasies of the end times won’t happen, and no, jesus won’t return to save anyone. The only place we can win is on this earth. There is nothing else.

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      1. I’m not sure if you got my comment yesterday. I am terrible with computers. i wanted to change a word and probably messed up the whole thing. Let me know. Thanks


  2. I have to wonder how many of those, I hesitate to say people, but I suppose they still qualify, are cops/judges/and bankers…?

    Awfully brave of them to march wearing their hoods. I mean masks… 😉


  3. Hi there, I’m sorry I screwed up on my reply. I make a lot of mistakes when I’m using my computer. I can’t remember exactly what I wrote, but will try again. I’m glad you want to talk.
    Your description of God is not new to me because I have had the same misgivings. When I read the Old Testament, God seemed to be sometimes cruel and sometimes loving. As for women being chattel, I lay all the blame on men. They are physically stronger, so they made the decisions. I don’t think God likes it at all. In fact, he saved Abraham’s wife from having to have sex with the Pharoah of Egypt.
    As for genocide, I read what God said about those people and they were horrible. They sacrificed their children to idols. They burned them alive. When I tried to find out more about those nations the experts on ancient times said they would not write about it, it was too terrible.
    God tells us they were murderers, rapists, slave traders and thieves. They would go to towns and rob them of their harvest. They kidnapped children for slaves. God let them be nations for years before he punished them. I don’t think you would want any of them to be your next-door-neighbor. I think God destroys nations to protect the rest of us. It isn’t something he enjoys doing. He calls it his, “strange act.”
    I compare it to watching a movie where the bad guys are so bad you want them to die. You can tell they will never change to be better. No, they want to kill and destroy and think only of themselves. They hurt thousands of people.
    As for suffering, I left God for four years after I saw the suffering of my daughter during childbirth. I thought of all the millions of women who had died in childbirth and how unfair and cruel it was. All suffering seemed unfair to me. But I decided to read a lot of books on why God allows suffering and came to a limited understanding. I accepted the fact that it had to happen.
    We are in a war for the universe. Lucifer was an angel of God but became angry he didn’t have the honor and power of God. The Bible says there was war in heaven and God won the war. No surprise there. Since then, Satan has warred against God through us. Being separated from God, the source of all goodness, he devolved into becoming a completely evil being. He enjoys harming people, especially God. He brings all the evil in the world through people.
    We are soldiers, either in God’s army or Satan’s. Soldiers get hurt, suffer and die. It happens to all of us. God says to us, “Be strong and of good courage. I will be with you.” Life on earth is deep and meaningful.
    I have suffered greatly in my life since that time I studied suffering. The worst time was when my grandsons died. My oldest grandson died from drinking too much and also taking drugs one night. My youngest grandson died from heroin or fentanyl just a year and a half ago. Both of them had trouble in their lives. Their father had left the family. Other things. I have said I don’t know which is more painful, their deaths or their lives. The older one was always in trouble with bad guys and the police. The younger one was full of depression at losing his brother and just withdrew from everyone, even his friends. We did all we could do to help him, but nothing worked.
    But there was a wonderful thing that happened before they died, ten years apart. They gave their lives to God and were praying to him. God didn’t save their lives here on earth, but he saved their spirits for heaven. I couldn’t ask for more than that since they will live in happiness forever. They couldn’t cope in this world, but they will do fine up there.
    God comforted me during this time. I told him it was too painful, my body felt like there was a knife inside, and he took that pain away. He is a truly wonderful helper in our great times of need.
    I understand being mad at God. My sister, who is now a Christian, used to curse God to his face. She hated him because of all the troubles she had been through. She is at peace with him now. She says she doesn’t understand how people live without his help. And I guess this answer is long enough. If you have any questions, please ask.


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