What the Boss Likes: Snow!

Well, here I am waiting for the big storm that is supposed to descend upon us on Wednesday.   We’re supposed to get between 12″ and 30″ of snow,  30.5 to 76 cm for my friends out in the world that use a sensible measuring system.

So, I’ve laid in things to cook with.  Hmmm, pierogis?   Chinese dumplings?   Some kind of cookie definitely.

Now, everyone in Pennsylvania, no matter if they are getting 2″ or 30″ will be madly getting eggs, milk and bread.  Does that happen in other states/countries?



9 thoughts on “What the Boss Likes: Snow!

  1. SNOW? That’s that white cold stuff, right? Yeah, we had a bit of that about two years ago. Amazing stuff. Now rain? That’s a whole different story.

    (I think bread, milk and eggs are sort of “standard” all year ’round, aren’t they?)


    1. well, here in PA and evidently in KY where Shelldigger is from, people seem to think that if it snows the apocalypse has come and they’ll never see another grocery store again.

      took a vacation in Seattle a handful of years back and we hit this weird time when it was crazy sunny. Went up to Mt. Rainier and saw the rain forests and the snow up on the high elevations.

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      1. Pssst, 40 min S of Kentucky, puts me in Tn 😉 Redneck, orange idiot loving, faux news encapsulated zombieland.

        But yeah, there’s always a rush at the stores when snow is forecast. Me? I need a candle or a box of canning wax, and some long johns under my britches, and coveralls, gloves, and a good hill.


  2. I live about 40 minutes south of Ky. I swear there be more truth in this than fiction, I wish it weren’t so, but if it snows in Ky. they cancel school here. If there is a minor dusting of snow here, they cancel school. They even canceled school one day because it was freaking raining! (It rained like hell, but damn!) Good grief these people annoy me!

    I grew up close to Peoria Ill. We had snow every year. Kids everywhere had sleds and know how to use them! I still, to this day own a sled. I don’t get to use it often, but by gosh I do when I can.

    First time I ever drove a car, there was 2″ of ice on the roads. My mom pulled over, told me to drive. She grew up in Ia. and had winter driving down to a science. I got us home with her guidance. Since then I have driven in all sorts of crazy whiteout blizzard scenarios with nary a worry. And they cancel school here when it snow in freaking Ky.!

    Drives me up the wall…

    When I see snow like what you have coming, I wax up the sled!

    Yes, the morons here always clean out the bread, milk, and eggs, when it snows in Ky! Arrrgh!!

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    1. heh, I have no sled but I do have some boxes that I can press into service. Although I think I’ll need snowshoes to even get to a hill if we get feets of snow. I grew up in western PA and we got pretty good snows when I was little. Not so much now. The first time I ever drove alone was on ice. But I had been taught well, on gravel roads which have their own sliding problems.


  3. oh yeah we get panic buying here for everything, snow, a public holiday, COVID. The big panic buy when lockdown was looking was for toilet paper. But eggs and flour sold out too. Never quite worked that out! My wife has some food allergies and so we were hit a few times with shortages of some specialist things. Also it only needs to be a light dusting of snow to create gridlock!


    1. ah, I had wondered if the great TP shortage had hit other countries or not. So very weird. From what I read, the shortages in eggs and other foods was that part of the supply chain is built only for institutions/restaurants to get their foods. When the usual grocery store supply chain was overwhelmed, it took a long time to rejigger things for the other supply chain to step in. There are evidently entire egg farms that do nothing but eggs for cracking and then putting the insides in huge cartons for insitutional use only.

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      1. Yes I think that is right. A lot of supply chains are distorted. Cartoned eggs is a new one on me though. Oh on a positive I think there were also a lot of families that discovered home baking as a past time!


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