Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Yah didn’t think Ray Comfort could get any worse, did you?

So here we have Ray Comfort with his new writing “ugly baby blindness syndrome.” (gee it is part of a book) He’s sure those newborns and toddlers are evil. You don’t have to go out to “living waters” if you want so see ol’ Ray in his idiocy. I made a nice set of screen shots since I wouldn’t be surprised if this suddenly disappears. Shows you that any “pro-life” claims are false.

These people will stop at nothing to convince people they are sick so they can shill their “cure.


3 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – Yah didn’t think Ray Comfort could get any worse, did you?

  1. Really, the way some people think about babies is just pure evil, not the babies. And a lot of what goes by child rebellion is a reaction against parental tyranny. Sure, sometimes parents know better than babies and should be protecting them (a lot of the time, actually), but there’s also a lot that’s just “adults” making an excuse to exercise their “authority.”

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      1. It’s a bit more complicated than “theology based on the ideas from a couple thousand years ago” results in. People had lots of different ideas a couple thousand years ago, as they do now. Some of those ideas were kinder, others were nastier, as are the ideas people have now. And just because knowledge of many things and how to build things has increased a great deal over the last couple thousand years does not mean old ideas are obsolete. For one thing, many of the things people do better now are old ideas. Better technology means better pots, not that pottery is obsolete. And the Roman’s engineering and concrete were amazingly good! Possibly better than most modern concrete… And as for other ideas, there’s actually not that many true “new” ideas floating around. Some people have wanted to be kind and respect others, and others have wanted to dominate probably for as long as human beings have had societies. So it’s not how old the ideas are, but which ideas from any age one bases one’s thinking on.


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