Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – when the quiet part is said aloud

“There is nothing more wretched than murdering babies before they’re born.” – JB

“Memorable villains are not pro-choice. The greatest villains always exert their will over everyone else.”- JB

“Heroes never kill innocent people. Everybody knows that and you’re never going to achieve hero status by sacrificing babies for any cause.” – JB

Seems like this god isn’t quite what christians usually try to claim. Rather surprising when a Christian shows this so well.

I suspect it isn’t quite what he intended.

A pdf of the failure.

7 thoughts on “Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – when the quiet part is said aloud

  1. Branyan?

    Seems he’s trying to forget he got his arse handed to him on this subject.

    Oh well, deep in the back of his head he *knows* he’s lying. I know he knows.

    Living like that (lying all the time) must be ghastly.


    1. yep, it’s him. This seems to be the doubling down phenomenon, where the liar is caught in a never ending cycle of lying and failure. He has already used anything even remotely reasonable, and is left with more and more ridiculous claims.

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